Some more notes on how I use common terms

Here are some more terms I use. As before, I may use the conventional definition and I’ll outline when I don’t.


Negroid*: named after Negro, Spanish for black. More commonly known nowadays as Congoid, derived from Congo. Such people have mesocephalic heads (heads that are of medium width & length), wide nasal apertures (nostril bones), & fairly prominent and undulating (wavy) browridges. Often accompanied with an upper jaw that overlaps the lower jaw (overbite), and prognathism (jaws that project forward). The soft tissues often consist of  full lips, dark to extremely dark skin, blunt noses &/or tightly curled or woolly hair. This craniofacial type is often considered typical of “proper Africans”/ “true Negroes”, completely ignoring that many indigenous African groups don’t represent this type.


Mexican Olmec head


Two guys from trailer of Nollywood’s Phone Swap


Gorgeous Muslim sister from Darfur, Sudan

Caucasoid*: named after Caucasian, people who inhabit the Caucasus mountains. Also called Europid and Europoid (both from Europe), and more inaccurately Caucasian. Such people are those with dolichocephalic heads (heads that are narrow & long), narrow nasal apertures, prominent browridges & receded zygomas (cheekbones). The soft tissues often consist of thin lips, light to pale skin, straight or wavy hair (though curly is not excluded) &/or long narrow pointed noses.

Note that light to pale skin is not always applied to Caucasoids like north Africans, Middle Easterners and “not-true-Negro” Africans. This is deliberate, to falsely include their ancient civilisations in general ‘white’ history because thanks to the high-flying antics of US censuses most people think Caucasoid, Caucasian & ‘white’ are the same thing. THEY ARE NOT.


Caucasoid type from Pakistan 


Fulani man, ideal example of non-Negroid type African


Archetypal ‘white’ woman showing pride in her “Aryan” roots


Dr Mostafa Hefny: because he’s Egyptian USA classifies him as ‘white’!  

 Mongoloid*: named after Mongol. Such people are characterised by brachycephalic heads (heads that are wide & short), prominent zygomas which combined with the short skull gives a characteristic flattish face, small nasal apertures & absent browridges. The soft tissues often consist of skin ranging between medium and pale, pin-straight hair &/or epicanthic eyefolds (commonly known as single eyelids).


Kalmuck Mongoloid type from Russia

Native American woman

 Australoid*: originally called Australioid, named after Australia and used in specific reference to Aborigines. Such people are those with dolichocephalic heads, prominent browridges (even more than Caucasoids), & large jaws. The soft tissues often consist of dark to extremely dark skin &/or wavy hair (but can be straight, curly or even woolly). Although Australian Aborigines are the namesake, this term also encompasses Sri Lankan Veddahs (from whom came the related word Veddoid), Andamanese islanders & many Indian Adivasi groups. This makes Australoid probably the worst-defined of the terms, and seems to encompass features from Negroids, Caucasoids & Mongoloids. From what I can tell Austronesian is similar to, if not the same as, Australoid but possibly with more visible Mongoloid features.


Veddoid type Adivasi (possibly Gondi) women

Veddah man from Sri Lanka


Australian Aboriginal children

Capoid*: named after Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. It used to be considered a subgroup of Negroid/ Congoid, now it’s considered separate. Pretty much synonymous with the term Khoisanid; as the Khoisans most typically depict this type, it’s basically a form between Negroid & Mongoloid. But remember, they’re NOT ‘mixed race’, they are of completely indigenous African ancestry so it’s most likely that Mongoloids descended from them (though the Chinese government would be sickened at such an assertion).


Khoikhoi boy


San woman

Admittedly I find these terms somewhat useful, only insofar as they are often clearly identifiable (note: often, not always, not even necessarily usually). I only find them useful to describe skull & facial bone structures, because it’s in the outer soft tissues that the categories are more fluid and thus prove useless.

However, I don’t like them mainly because their historical purpose was to divide humans into supposedly distinct races. Even today they’re still used as such. Just their etymologies (arguably except Capoid) are based on simplistic outdated assumptions about humans. It totally ignores that all these types and their constituent features exist among all so-called ‘races’ (contrary to what race realists & similar people would have you believe). Furthermore, these features exist along a God-only-knows-how-long continuum of possibilities, and some features even change over time (eg. head shape can change within just ONE generation). 

Then there’s the genetics, at which point the categories become totally stupid. Genetically we are all almost completely identical – the genes that account for the different racial phenotypes only total ~0.01% of the whole human genome! See Cavalli-Sforza’s work for more detail, he’s a population geneticist.

Not to mention they’re so raatid pointless sociologically. Why does it matter if someone has an underbite or overbite, or a narrow or wide nasal bridge, or double or single eyelids? How does that matter when we reach the grave?


Anders Retzius, Swedish anatomist who  first  proposed and defined the cephalic index (measuring skull width & length)

 ethnic: I don’t tend to use the term at all because it’s so generic and literally applies to everyone. It came from Greek ethnoi, a direct translation of the Hebrew goyim (Gentiles/ the nations). It used to mean everyone who wasn’t Jewish or Christian, now it’s used as a synonym for non-‘white’. And that’s where the problem lies, because ethnicity (as in the ‘racial’ term) refers to absolutely every human on Earth. There’s no person who’s not ethnic! The way it’s used nowadays is even worse than exotic!

Aryan: Nowadays there’s a section of ‘white’ Europeans (eg. race realists, neo-Nazis, ‘white’ supremacists, etc) who call themselves Aryans, derived from Hitler’s understanding of the Master Race. Hitler assumed modern-day ‘white’ Europeans are the pure descendants of Aryans. This is wrong.

In reality Aryans are the light & pale-skinned Persians (Iranians) who invaded south Asia about 3000 years ago, though they were spreading to the southern parts of Europe since about 10,000 years ago. The word comes from Sanskrit ārya/ āria (meaning noble) and referred to the followers of Vedic culture & religion. Mind you, that’s just the Indian-derived understanding; in Iran (where it was airya) it was an ethnic self-identification. Even the name Iran itself means “land of the Aryans”.

Just to be clear:

NOT Aryans


NOT Aryans


NOT Aryan


NOT Aryans




Aryan (Kalasha Pakistani)







TAST: my acronym for the trans-Atlantic slave trade, starting in the 16th century and ending in the 20th. Some claim it’s ancient history and we (‘black’ people) need to get over it. It ended in this part of the world less than 200 years ago, and in world history that’s a MINISCULE amount of time. And other countries, though not practising it on anywhere near the same scale, still do it and possess the same attitude as the original European slavers.


Frocarib: my shorthand for Afro-Caribbean, because Afro-Caribbean is too long to type out all the time. A subsection of the global diasporic descendants of the enslaved Africans, dumped on the islands just under the USA. Many Africans still in the homeland don’t know about us, and many of those who do don’t care. As far as they’re concerned, we were the slaves not them. Why should they do anything for us (a fair point considering how screwed over they were in the process)?


Haitian-born actor Jimmy Jean-Louis

Crowd showing pride in their Bajan (Barbadian) roots

Afro-American: synonymous with African-American or ‘black’ American, also diasporic descendants of the Africans enslaved in the TAST who were dumped in the USA.


Euro-American: ‘White’ Americans like to call themselves just Americans, or even true blue Americans, as if they were never anything else. ALL of them are descendants of Europeans, either those who invaded America in the 16th-18th centuries (including the Pilgrims) & began the TAST or the later migrants who were given preferential treatment by the invaders just for being ‘white’.


Sasian: my shorthand for south Asian, eg. Bengalis, Indians, Sri Lankans, Pakistanis, etc.


Bangladeshi woman & man


Men in Pakistan

Easian: my shorthand for east Asian, eg. Japanese, Tibetan, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc.


Tibetan family


Women in (north) Korean army. What the raas kind of march is that?

Wafrican: my shorthand for west African, eg. Nigerians, Ghanaians, Malians, Gambians, etc.


Schoolchildren using computers in Sierra Leone. Yes, Africa has schools & electronic items


Women in Kotu, Gambia. Whoa, they’re hot!!! LOL

 Nafrican: my shorthand for north African, eg. Moroccans, Algerians, Libyans, Egyptians, etc.


Amazigh women & girls (yes, all of them)


Stela of Henut, 13th dynasty ancient Egypt. Pic from Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, Glasgow, Scotland


(I trust you’ve realised by now that my shorthands are pretty much just the first letter of a cardinal direction + a continent. Really handy when all the continents begin with vowels)

 As and when I come up with more terms I’ll either add them here or make a separate page.

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