The horse meat scandal!!! (originally posted 21/2/13)

Note: I originally posted this on 21/2/13 so the info may be out of date. Plus, people may have forgotten about it)

Findus Beef Lasagne.

Cow meat content: 0 – 40%

Horse meat content: 60 – 100%

Everyone in England has heard of the horse meat scandal by now. It’s been in the news and on the radios for weeks now. Turns out meat that we thought was pig or sheep or chicken is in many cases any combination of those plus another Brits don’t eat willingly: HORSE.

Apparently because our meat’s been coming from all over the continent (Romania, France, Germany, Ireland) it may take a while to determine exactly where the horse meat came from. The answer so far seems to be horses stolen from Irish farms and/ or horses from mainland Europe being ground down into filler for other meats, and in some cases deliberately mislabelled as other red meats. With the sheer depth of this scandal I’m surprised Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Jamie Oliver haven’t said anything yet.

Or should that be, we’ve not heard them say anything yet?

Mr Oliver, what have you to say

about the horse meat scandal?


Mr Fearnley-Whittingstall, what have you to say

about the horse meat scandal?


I admit, it doesn’t affect me much because I don’t eat conventional meat (not halal). However, I’m disgusted all the same. Not at the local butchers or anyone here because you can’t really blame them; if they’re being given meat and told it’s beef or pork what reason would they have to doubt it? The blame lies with whoever the rogue criminals are, trying to keep their costs down by duping a whole string of countries. This does, nevertheless, give local farmers a very firm leg to stand on; at least they know what they’re selling because they’ve seen and slaughtered it themselves.

One thing I’m kind of confused about is this: is this scandal so shocking because of the deceit involved, or because eating horse is just “not British”? Apparently this is not the 1st such horse meat scandal in England/ Britain; since the 1930s it’s merely been taboo/ unfashionable (but never illegal unless not listed).

If anyone has any comments on this please reply below.

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