Sankofa Exhibition – must see!

The Hackney Museum is hosting the Sankofa Exhibition, in celebration of Black History Month (BHM)! It’s on from 24th September to 4th January, so if anyone wants to go don’t worry. It’s on for the next few months! Yay!

(Note for my American readers, in England BHM is celebrated in October, not February)

I and a friend went there last night, and it was amazing considering the conveniently small space. There was a speech explaining the significance and a little of the history of BHM (which used to be called Negro History Week, now there’s a debate that it should be renamed again in accordance with the diaspora’s greater understanding of their identities), poems, songs… and then the exhibition itself. There were original banners from the Black Parents Movement (which I’ll explain in another post), old magazines and books on ‘black’ beauty & pride, old photos of Malcolm X, Darcus Howe, John la Rose and more!

If anyone’s interested in supporting BHM and the dissemination of the African diaspora’s heritage & influence, get down to Hackney Museum! And remember, it’s free!!!

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