Min ka-Muslimiyn li Muslimiyn (from like Muslims to Muslims) – GLOSSARY

I meant to add this to the original link but I forgot. Hey, I’m human! This post is to explain the Arabic terms I used in that poem

Khimar – proper name for women’s headscarf

Jilbab – loose-fit coat for women, also known as jubbah or abaya

Niqab – women’s face-veil

Shalwar Kameez –  (Urdu/ Farsi, not Arabic) long loose pants & long shirt or tunic

Topi – (Sanskrit/ Dravidian languages, not Arabic) men’s cap, similar to Jewish skullcap 

Salawat – prayers (plural of salat)

Fard – compulsory

Sunnah – tradition (most often referring to that of prophet Muhammad)

Nafl – voluntary

Mahram – individuals whom a given person would be forbidden to marry & in front of whom the normal dress code can be relaxed, eg. family members

(therefore a non-mahram is one whom a given person would theoretically be allowed to marry & in front of whom one is to observe the normal dress code, eg. strangers, general public)

Ahadeeth – written collections of prophet Muhammad’s life & deeds, plural of hadeeth

Masjid – proper term for mosque

Astagfirullah – I seek forgiveness from Allah

Shuyookh – scholars/ learned people, plural of shaykh

Al-hamdu lillah – praise to Allah

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