POEM: Time for Change!

Have you ever felt life was just not moving, you were just stuck in the same place and not going where you want? That was the inspiration for this: 

Why is life so f***ing humdrum?

Everything plods along like dum-dee-dum!

When will I get my big break?

No more failures, dead ends or mistakes.

Why the bloodclaat is life so boring,

Slow like a snail that’s asleep and snoring?

My soul’s on fire, craving a chance to blaze

A pathway to a better place, to better days!

Attack routine with fury of a ratel!

Smash walls, burn halls, force my work to sell!

Head in clouds too long, back turned on world,

Now time to power through, make my destiny unfurl!


(ALSO AVAILABLE AT: http://fleecyheadmilagrero.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/poem-time-for-change.html)

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