Here we go again…

Once again this is not my usual type of post. Rather than information relaying I’m expressing my own opinion. If it comes across as a rant, that’s because that’s my intention.


Yet again the Muslim so-called “ummah” of London has utterly failed to display cohesion or solidarity. Most of us in the country have done ‘Iydul-adha yesterday (15th October) but certain masajid and communities* have decided to celebrate it today.


* i.e. Pakistanis, not necessarily all of them but enough of them to make a difference


The disagreement over ‘Iydul-adha is much less of an issue than ‘Iydul-fitr because it’s not dependent on the sighting of the moon. It’s dependent on the return of the pilgrims from Hajj, which was Monday 14th. ‘Iydul-adha is the festival to celebrate their return the very next day, and this year that works out as Tuesday the 15th. So why the hell have the Pakistanis taken it on themselves to do it a day ahead of everyone else – YET AGAIN? Unless the Pakistani hajjis (pilgrims) decided to come back home the day after everyone else for some reason. That’s obviously completely theoretical but even if true it’s stupid. They have no Islamic right to make a distinction for themselves in that regard, it’s an occasion that everyone in the vicinity is meant to share.


Or perhaps they’re going by the sighting of the moon – which is stupid because only ‘Iydul-fitr needs the new moon sighting to be determined. Even if it were moon-dependent, they should be doing it the same day as Saudi since Pakistan is pretty much in the same region of the world as it!


(Disclaimer: I celebrated it yesterday)


I once met a guy who said the reason they do their own thing is not because of moon sighting, nor is it to do with nationalism (as I used to think). It’s actually down to… politics & money. Many “mullahs”, “scholars” and “imams” who come over direct from Pakistan (as opposed to the ones born and raised in England, and I assume ones from other countries too) do behind-the-scenes deals with their own people who came over before, paying them to let them run masajid their way. Furthermore, the more traditionalist Pakistanis think they have to accept and follow everything their masajid say.


Oh boy. No wonder there’s so much division, nationalism, sectarianism and stuff among the “ummah”, and this is just in London.



Face palm.



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