A new experience

This Tuesday was a good day. I & two of my colleagues from Theatre Royal went along to Circle Support in Tottenham Hale, to perform some poems for a Black History Month event they were hosting! We recited poems specially for the event, my two being Sankofa Revolution & Spice of Life, for the staff in the kitchen during their lunchbreak.

We were also joined by fellow freelance poet Farida, who was absolutely brilliant – and stunned me with her recitals. I’ll be honest, I am always gobsmacked by people who memorise long poems, even if it is their own work!

The Circle Support staff loved the performance so much they invited us all down again for other events they have. I for one would definitely do that again. Now that’s progress, and making a good impression!

(also at: https://1tawnystranger.wordpress.com/2013/10/25/a-new-experience/)

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