Authors of their own demise

Japanese baby. They’re becoming rarer and rarer so women, savour the cuteness while it lasts!

Last Thursday (24/10/13) there was a very interesting documentary on BBC2 called No Sex Please, We’re Japanese, hosted by Anita Rani. It described a very strange phenomenon in Japan: a severe population  decline. It’s calculated that if present birth rates continue, the population of Japan could be reduced by a third within the next 4 decades! For many other nations this would equate to 2 generations but in Japan it’d be much closer to 1.

Reasons for this include:

  • Japanese men have become increasingly scared of real females, preferring virtual ones in games consoles. Worse, they’re not even virtual women but virtual schoolgirls! Such is the otaku (ultra-nerd/ geek) culture, and this doesn’t just apply to single men but even married men,
  • Many women (real flesh-&-blood women I mean) have stepped up their game and become professionals & businesswomen, while most men (the ones who are still into real women!) still want the traditional stay-at-home housewives,
  • Modern Japanese workplace ethics have left many people too busy to have sex,
  • Like China, Japan is ethnically extremely homogenous. Almost everyone in Japan is Nihonjin, with tiny percentages of foreigners because immigration laws are very tight. This means that Japanese are pretty much stuck with their own men, unless they’re open to interracial relationships (as many Easian women in UK & US are).

Interesting things this has resulted in include the over-65s being 25% of the country’s population, too few youth to pay taxes to support the economy and a resultant national debt worse than Greece’s, the closure of nurseries & maternity wards in hospitals, and adult nappies outselling baby nappies. Furthermore, about a third of the prison population (260 in total if memory serves me right) are pensioners, many of whom re-offend after release!

Oh yeah, and a cheerleaders club exclusively for women over 55.

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