Here we go!…

I’ve been working on a book for the past year or so and the write-up’s finally finished. At the moment I’m between editors, and searching for an agent and publisher. The book is going to be called Brutally Honest, see the synopsis below. I’ll add individual chapters in later posts, this post is just to gauge how interested people would be to read a book like this: 


15-year-old Caali Morris, the new Year 12 student at The Goodman Secondary School 6th Form, is rousing attention from her very first day. Being scolded by the no-nonsense headteacher Mr Okonyia would be the nightmare of any other student. But not her. Despite being a well-spoken studious Muslim girl less than 5 feet tall she embarrasses him so thoroughly he is left apologising to her in front of the class!

 Though no-one likes Okonyia, one student is angry at seeing his leadership challenged – Lily White, the toughest cruellest bully in the world, almost 6 feet tall and unnaturally strong. She and her posse Jackie, Janice, Lee & Sasha keep the rest of the Year under her thumb, while Okonyia turns a blind eye. That’s how it’s been since Lily joined 2 years prior, and to ensure it stays that way she threatens to keep the new girl “in her place”. But as with Okonyia, young Caali obstinately refuses to keep quiet or back away, and from that point the two girls become avowed enemies. This gains Caali many supporters and friends, including bully-magnet Nina, cocky American QJ, recently homeschooled Taylor, and Wyatt who’d been expelled for having a knife.  A knife he didn’t know about.

 Despite her best efforts and temporary success Lily ultimately fails to break Caali’s spirit, and by the end of the year the two girls are engaged in a vicious brawl that pours out of the school gates – and even leaves their friends fighting for their lives!


Let alone win, who will survive?




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