Performance night at Theatre Royal bar!!!

This Sunday just gone (17/11/2013) I, members of the Poets Platform and other outside performers performed at Theatre Royal bar. You see, every 3rd Sunday of the month Kat Francois hosts a performance night. It’s fun, it’s got high-quality poets and singers to keep you entertained all night long, and (drinks notwithstanding) it’s free! If you saw it, good on ya! If you missed this one don’t worry, it’s on every month! 


Yes it’ll even be on next month, despite it being so close to Christmas. Makes a nice change to The Snowman and Fairytale of New York doesn’t it!


This night marked the 10th anniversary of the open mic performance night! Normally each performer would do 2 or 3 pieces, but this time we had so many we had to limit it to 1 per person! Wow, keeping something that lively going for 10 years is an achievement. Thanks Kat! 


Here’s a list of the performers from Sunday. Hopefully we’ll have many of the same ones next month: 

(full list to come later as & when I get it)


But if you can’t wait to see what’s going on at the Theatre, see the link here for other events & performances! 


And my poem, The Problem of Manhood


It’s happening.

He didn’t want it, tried to run from it

But it’s happening.

Growing hair on his face, and a more private place,

It’s happening.

It’s breaking his voice, and he has no choice

‘Cause it’s happening.

But it’s natural, can’t top it! So why would he wanna stop it

From happening?

‘Cause now he must decide, ‘tween 1 or the other side

Of the Problem of Manhood.

He’s becoming a man but should he get kinder or greedier?

Don’t need an encyclopaedia, he learned from the media

There’s only 2 options: rude bwoi or nice guy, playa or played,

Stay on the straight & narrow or get illegally paid,

Get countless gyal or be content with none,

Fool around in school or all work no fun?

Either way it’s happening.

But- but are those really the only 2 paths to take?

1 or the other he’ll still feel like a fake.

Too smart to be a thug, too cool to be a geek,

He’s not big and ‘ard but not timid or weak

So who’s gonna teach him how to be a man?

Mum? Wrong! Dad? Gone! So just do the best he can


Be kind and tough? Be smart and strong?

Then just maybe nothing will go wrong.

It’s happening.



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