Hackney Museum Anniversary Performance!

This is more of an advert than a normal blog post: 

Hackney Council invites you to the 5th Year Anniversary Soiree! It’s the celebration of the Word Lovers Society’s 5th year running in Clapton Library. I’ve been part of this group for over a year and on 5th December we will be performing some of our works: poems, stories and more! It’ll be a blast! See below for the full details, taken from Hackney Council’s site

Night at the Museum

The WordLovers Society presents. (Hackney Creative Writers Group)     

The 5th year Anniversary Soiree

Thursday 5th December 2013  5.30 – 8.30pm

This event will be a celebration; a performance/showcase of the work from the creative writers group over the last five years.

The aim is to highlight the writing of bright, ambitious new writers with an emphasis on literary talent from group members who live, work, study or play in Hackney.

For more information about this event contact the organiser; KG Lester at tyaxx@hotmail.com or Linda Sydow at Hackney Museum on 020 8356 2509 or email linda.sydow@hackney.gov.uk

Light refreshments provided.

The group (yes I am there too. Guess who!)



Our brilliant class leader KG Lester!
(don’t let him know I called him brilliant or I’ll never hear the end of it)


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