POEM – Revolutionary Me

Once 3 suited-and-booted guys came up to me,

Curious strangers whom I didn’t know but who seemed to know me,

And said, “Hey! We’ve seen you on TV.

We hear you’re a radical of some sort.

We’ve heard some of your words, about progress starts within. 

And you do make sense, don’t get it wrong, but we’re successful.

So why should we believe you? Why should we change?”

Replied I sternly, “Are you sure you want to know?”

Looking to each other for reassurance they replied, “Yes.”

“Ok,” said I. “I am one opposed to your culture and your understandings.

I defy your traditions, raze your hierarchies and unite your dichotomies.

I’m Yin the seed of Yang and Yang the seed of Yin,

The darkness you must wallow in before your eyes can withstand the light,

And the crawling you must master before you can walk,

The walking you must master before you can run,

And the running you must master before you can win the race.

I’m the sewing you must do before you have anything to reap,

The reaping you must do before you have anything to eat,

And the eating you must do before you can be nourished.

I’m the workout without which your bones won’t harden and your muscles won’t grow.

I’m the material you must study before you’re ready for the tests,

And the tests you must take before you can pass.

I’m the principles you must practise before you have the right to preach,

And the sceptics & naysayers you must convince before your preaching is believed.

I’m the map you must decipher before you can find the treasure,

And the voyage you must embark on before you can get the treasure.

I’m the aim you must perfect before your shot hits the mark

And the research you must perform before you can find a truth.

I’m the punishment that must be dispensed before justice is served,

And the justice that must be served before peace can prevail.


“Erm, that sounds a bit too much like hard work,” complained the strangers.

“Why can’t you just live and let live? You know, do how normal people do?”

“Normality is a castle floating on the clouds,

No purpose, no place in nature or reality.”

“You’re nuts,” cried they. “We got somewhere to be, stuff to do.”

“OK,” I sighed. “When you find your worlds imploding around you,

And you have to change your ways or face annihilation,

Remember these words.”




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