Where creativity takes me

Wow! This year so far has been truly laden with creativity-related action! And with it has come some new perspectives on life:

  • Back in January I was helping out with 2 shows at the same time! One was with my Theatre Royal group Poets’ Platform called Along the Lines, a series of sketches performed back-to-back. But not at the theatre, or any theatre for that matter. The whole performance was done on a moving train!!! (the official term is “immersive theatre experience”) We hired a C2C train from Fenchurch Street to Leigh-on-Sea station, and the passengers (audience) were seated in 2 of the 5 carriages, labelled with green and yellow tickets.

The sketches were split into 2 sets, 1 performed in the green carriage and the other in the yellow carriage, then vice versa on the way back. 2 others housed another young performers’ group working alongside us for one of the sketches; a school teacher had lost one of the pupils and was getting some backlash from the mother on the phone, which was being passed around the audience!

         The last carriage was our backstage, and my God! The amount of back and forth coordination between the carriages was immense, and the improv filler sketches killed me, but it was well worth it in the end. Plus it pushed the boundaries of what people think can be done with theatre shows so it was enlightening too.

All the actors!

(except me. For some reason I’m not in this pic

even though I was there when it was being taken)

  • The other was much more… outside my comfort zone. Which is what made it so rewarding, needless to say. I was ASM (Assistant Stage Manager) for Scéalta Móra, and the show was Faster Higher Stronger Straighter. It was about 2 homosexual couples, one living in London and the other in Sochi, Russia, and their interaction with their families leading up to the 2014 Olympics. It was ridiculously successful; the tickets were sold out for 4 out of the 6 nights of its performance, and no wonder! It was well-written, well-promoted, well-performed, and the team all worked together really well. I’ve never considered myself managerial material but apparently I did good, especially when I convinced the Russian Embassy to give us some old books & magazines as props! Thanks Casting Call Pro, and thanks to Damien TraceyWhitney MoseryRachel MeyrickKelly Selvester and all the actors! You guys were great.
  • Last month (February), I went to see The Mystae at Hampstead Theatre with KG Lester. Not normally the kind of thing I’d watch but it was interesting in its own way. It’s officially a coming-of-age show; admittedly I’ve never seen a coming-of-age show quite like that. It was about 3 teens, a boyfriend-girlfriend couple and one of the bf’s friends, who went into a cave to reconnect with nature by performing rituals performed by ancient Greek & Roman philosophers. Which included getting high on one of the most potent psychotropic herbs in the world, and seeking the protection of a green Power Ranger action figure. And I liked how the stage was constructed to look like the inside of a cave; that was incredibly creative. If you’re into that type of show you’ll definitely enjoy it, if it’s still running.
  • Earlier in the month I went to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, at Newham Town Hall after the Apollo Theatre roof collapsed. The tickets were free and I’d heard the book was really popular so I was definitely seeing that – and it was well worth it! Oh my God, I couldn’t believe how well performed it was! The stage was arranged into a giant squared grid that could be drawn & written on like a chalkboard, and on the outer edges was a square made up of white cubical boxes where all the props were stored. Nothing like the original set-up at Apollo but it was awesome all the same! Genius!!!

For those who don’t know, it’s about an autistic teenage boy who finds a dog murdered by a pitchfork and resolves to find out who did it and why. But along the way he uncovers a little secret that tears apart everything he’s ever ‘known’ about his family…

  • And as I mentioned in another post, I saw 12 Years a Slave. See that post on the link.
  • Last night (6/3/2014) I saw Ride Along with a friend from the WordLovers Society. As one of the staff noted, it’s “predictable but good”, and that’s exactly how it was. Of course James Payton (Ice Cube) was the serious ‘ard-nut cop and Ben Barber (Kevin Hart) the hilarious newbie, as you could work out just from the posters alone, and of course the main antagonist had an Arabic name (Omar, played by Lawrence Fishburne!). But there were some very hot dark-skinned actresses – Tika Sumpter (who played Ice Cube’s sister and Kevin’s girlfriend Angela Payton), Jasmine Burke and Angie Stone (I never knew she was an actress!), therefore all the predictability is forgiven! LOL! But seriously, it was a good film – Ben trying to arrest a honey-covered topless guy in the grocery store, and telling James he needed a gun to ‘interrogate’ a little pickney in the park was classic!

Seriously, does this little kid look dangerous enough to warrant a gun?

(the one on the left, the other guy is Ben the newbie cop)

Tika Sumpter!

Jasmine Burke!

Angie Stone!

  • Straight after that I was off to the Xposure event in The Tabernacle. Took some time finding it though, as the building looked more like a mansion! Rhythm of Men (from my Theatre Royal poets group) performed, and I’m telling you it was worth the wait for them. Not only were they excellent, so were all the poets, dancers & singers before them.

All that in less than three months, and there’s still so much to do. Life in the arts is gonna be fun!…

(also available at: http://1tawnystranger.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/where-creativity-takes-me.html)

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