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A few days ago I was told about the documentary Hidden Colors. It describes the hidden histories, both ancient and recent, of ‘black’ people all over the world. It goes into our history in Africa, in Asia, in Europe, in the Americas (before & after Columbus!), and more. I’ve just finished watching it (just the 1st part I think), and it was very well done to say the least. Most of the historical tidbit facts I already knew, but that didn’t make it any less worthwhile. The structure was easy to follow, clear and gave solutions – which for a race/ racism-themed video is always a plus. Highly recommended!


For anyone interested in learning some truth about the global situation of ‘black’ people, check out the link follow. And be enlightened…


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5 thoughts on “Watch Hidden Colors Online Free at Putlocker!”

  1. I have Hidden Colors 1,2 and 3. They are all very educational. I recommend ALL black people check those films out. I’ve given them to family and friends as gifts. Those films have really opened their minds.

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