Working out! Rawr!!!

Yes! The sun is out properly again, tis the season to get fit! Fa la la la la, la la la la! LOL


(Ignoring that we’re almost at the end of April)


However, no-one has to really wait for the warmth to set in to work out. It can be done any time of year, and it doesn’t need to be done at a gym. That’s what I do; I work out in a local park regardless of whether it’s sunny or snowy, warm or cold, and on the odd occasion even at nighttime. Except rainy days, then I’ll go gym because I don’t want to mess up my shoes. 



Obviously that means I don’t normally do weights anymore. 


Work outs without weights?!? Mind blown!!!

Instead I do body weight exercises, some of the same stuff these guys do. Some of the stuff I do includes muscle-ups (called silavoy in Russian), one-legged squats, windshield wipersupside-down pull-ups, normal pull-ups with grip switching, upside-down crunches, and more. I do a mixture of different things each time so I don’t have a set routine as such; whatever comes to mind I just do it. Many people prefer having a preconceived idea of what they’re going to work on: abs, legs, arms, chest. Doesn’t matter either way, as long as something gets done. Since it’s all intense it’s very energising, which keeps me wanting to do it more. I do a minimum of 20 minutes 3 days a week, but because it’s so fun I often go over at least a good 10 minutes, and if other people are present I stay with them and carry on for a good hour or more. However long I/we go for, we keep in high-speed and high-intensity – which is incidentally the most effective way to work out, according to Dr Mercola (search exercise, workout, peak fitness & high intensity interval training). 


In case you were wondering, no I didn’t pop out of my mum’s womb with an 8-pack and beard. 


Blud! You tryna saying somefing?


I went to the park one day about 2 years ago and met this group of guys who taught me a few bar tricks. Even though I was in shape before then, these new exercises were just something else altogether! I kept up with them, and I can honestly say I’ve never been so toned and energised in my life! Ever since then I’ve been expanding and building on those tricks, meeting new people, learning new tricks off them and teaching them new tricks too. Trust me, if lack of motivation is your reason for not working out, meeting people (gym, park or wherever) is definitely a solution! 


Right now there are 2 moves I’m working up to: the planche and the human flag. Some bloody advanced stuff but I want to do it. 


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