POEM: Invasion

Apologies for taking so long to get back with a new post. This year has been ridiculously busy for me. Here’s a new poem to tide you over, and hopefully I should be getting back into regular posting soon. 


I reek of it. Makes me wretch, convulse in horror and disgust.

I wanna throw up and throw it out, it’s so f***ing sick.

What is it? Morality. All that goodness, all that purity just

Pushes the oxygen aside, ripping out each hair in my nostrils one by one

So they can’t block its crusade into my windpipe.

It’s declaring holy war against my sinning soul!

White knights in shining armour purify my poisoned bloodstream

Of all creativity, all originality, any and every trace of individuality

And erect in the depths of my carcass a new fortress

For the glory of the father, the son and the holy ghost.

But this corpse hasn’t given up the ghost yet.

And the invaders can’t evade it. It’s in the air they breathe,

Boiling in their nostrils, smouldering in their throats like smoke.

What is it? Rising from the ashes, beaks and talons, fangs and stingers at the ready!

Drown them in the bowels of the earth, dive bomb them from the sky,

Pounce from the shadows all around with the full infernal fury of the animal kingdom.

Reducing their churches, gurdwaras, masajid, synagogues and mandirs to ashes, to ashes, to dust, to dust.

Send them to dig their own graves in the heavens they think they came from 

‘Cah dem stink to high ‘eaven anyway!

Here on earth, this body of mine reeks of a familiar scent, my favourite perfume,

The fragrance of life. 

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