Israel v. Gaza – what else is new?

It’s been on the news for so long it’s getting ridiculous. The “international community” is divided over whose fault it all is and who should back down. Debates are raging over how to resolve the crisis; talks of ceasefires and a two-state solution abound.

(What the raas is a 72-hour ceasefire meant to do?!?)

The truth is, there shouldn’t be any debates over it. The answer to the question of whose fault is the crisis is in history itself:

For thousands of years, the people we now know as Palestinians have lived, in their own country with their own cultures, their own foods, their own languages, and Islam came later down the line. Then in 1947 the British government gave a group of dispossessed Jews* the power and military might to move in, chuck the natives out of their own homes, keep the natives in smaller and smaller reserves, hoard most of the country’s water sources, and now kill those natives en masse.

* Those Jews claimed that land was theirs thousands of years ago and the Bible says so, YET those Jews are of predominantly Ashkenazi (ie. northwest European) descent whose ancestors converted to Judaism in the 8th century. Genetic studies show that modern Palestinians are the descendants of the original inhabitants, though probably mixed with others. Furthermore, when the British government granted them the power to invade another country they weren’t at first decided which country to go for.  The Mau Plateau of Kenya and Uganda was an option they were considering. Let’s see… Palestine… homeland of modern-day ‘white’ Jews… scriptural evidence… um… gotta be here somewhere…  

On top of that, immigrants to Israel (mostly Ethiopian JEWS) have been receiving similarly bad treatment; secret forced sterilisation and segregation of kindergarteners being just two examples I can remember off the top of my head.

They also call us Falasha (foreigners) when our Judaic traditions have existed thousands of years longer than theirs!

Ever since they arrived, those Jews have been taking more and more of the natives’ land, pushing them into a tiny strip on the edge of the country nowadays known as Gaza. They have the weapons, international backing (USA & arguably UK too), media, money and resources on their side yet they want to claim Hamas as somehow equal in force to them. They claim Hamas abuses their own Palestinian brethren; how would they know that when they go to such lengths to stay on the other side of the country from Palestinians? They claim repeated killings of civilians, including little children, as accidents because Hamas is crawling out of the woodworks, and when they or their supporters are called out on their bloodthirst they cry “oh, we had Holocaust. Leave us alone.”

My response: so because your ancestors/ relatives were victims of a genocide, that gives you the right to do genocide on a people who had nothing to do with it?

Hell yeah!
Hell yeah!
We're not committing genocide! If those kids get in the way of my gun which just so happens to be pointing at them - they were jihadists martyring themselves. Not my fault.
We’re not committing genocide! If those kids get in the way of my gun which just so happens to be pointing at them – they were jihadists martyring themselves. Not my problem, not my fault.

Or even stupider, they claim “Antisemitism!”

My response: antisemitism, the way you define it, is a misnomer. You pretend it means anti-Jews or anti-Judaism. It doesn’t, it means anti-Semites. Semites are what the Bible describes as the descendants of Noah’s son Shem – original speakers of Afroasiatic languages, who may be any religion at all. This does not include Ashkenazim or Sephardim (Spanish & Portuguese Jews). Even if it did mean anti-Jews, my complaint is not against Jews. Jews and Judaism are not the problem, or even the issue. There are many Jews even in the Western world who condemn your actions and refute your right to be there. It’s against Zionists & Zionism, whose actions and beliefs are Nazi-inspired re-segregationist neo-colonialist terrorism with pseudo-scriptural justification and nothing else.

Oh, and this two-state solution talk is bollocks. If Israel really wanted to coexist peacefully with Palestine it would already be doing so; there’d be no bombing, no shooting, no hoarding the country’s water sources, nothing. If those Zionists who founded Israel were truly only about finding a place to live (as opposed to ruling over/ killing off darker-skinned peoples) they could’ve sought the natives’ permission when they first arrived, or even – gasp! – gone to a place where no-one else lived! Overpopulation is a heap of cack; there’s still plenty of free land on this planet.

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