Notting Hill Carnival experiences

Last night (25/8/14) was… pretty novel. I went to the Notting Hill Carnival! That’s not new to a lot of people – the friend I went with and her friends said they’d been going almost every year since they were 2! But as I don’t normally go to parties, and carnivals even less, it was new for me.

Not totally new, though. I had gone to last year’s carnival, and to be honest I was bored witless. However, I decided to go again this year because last year I went on the first day – the kids’ day. This time I went on the second day for the adults.

(note: I didn’t take pictures. My phone’s old and it was raining non-stop)

Wasn’t able to get there til well after 6pm because of work – and spent at least an hour finding my friend – but I managed to have some fun. We were following the trucks blaring out their tunes, dancing (or in my case jiggling about trying not to get lost in the human stampede!) and ignoring the rain the whole time.

Amidst all the winin’, smoking, drinking, daggering (all of which I’d have prudishly labelled filth not too long ago) and blaring horns & whistles, I noticed an underlying… zeitgeist or energy or something. I don’t really know how to describe it but it became more apparent after the carnival ended and everyone was heading home. Though my 3 companions were women and they probably know all about it, I found it an eye-opener. Probably the first time I’ve seen misogyny in action in front of my face (as opposed to seeing it in books or the news or wherever). It’s no bloody wonder a lot of women are put off men:

Men can be proper assholes. 

As one of my friend’s friends was cute and very curvy, guys hounded her the whole way to the station. It was like a tide; when one guy ebbed away (ie. the rest of us chased them off) another came rolling in! In 1 or 2 cases it was whole groups of guys trying it on, and some even tried pulling the other 2 women away to get her alone! For God’s sake! Rapey and desperate much?

Not to be funny or “self-hating” but if this is what the carnival’s normally like we Caribbeans are validating the stereotypes. This is meant to represent us, our presence in England, our establishment of our cultures. We need to do a lot better, make the cultures better.

Oh, and that guy who had his dick out pissing as he walked past everyone, here’s a shout out to you from the guy who was cussing your ass out! Learn to use a damn toilet; outside prison men don’t want to see your dongle! LOL

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