Poem: Last 4 Letters of COURAGE

Is it more than a coincidence that

Calmness and cowardice begin with the same letter?

Clients love your service

And your boss demotes then fires you for making him look bad

You don’t like it do you?

In love with the best person you’ve ever met

But your family deems her or him a dishonour

You don’t like it do you?

Marrying material wealth with spiritual richness

And BFFs turn into jealous gate-crashers telling them to divorce

Freeing up the money for them

You don’t like it do you?

Self-styled experts suggest

Anger is venom setting your blood alight

An addiction shattering your life crack by crack

You have to forgive them

Don’t take it personally

Call it an issue not what it is – a problem

Shuttle the floods of 1st instinct into the reservoir of 2nd thought

Calm. Down.

What if they’re wrong?

Entertain this anti-PC notion for a sec:

You have to be angry to be brave.


You have to be angry to be brave.

Don’t believe me? Tell me the last 4 letters of courage.

As a fellow human being paying pearls of sweat to make ends meet

Can you afford your pearls being drunk by the ego-holics?

Look at the word CALM

CAL: first 3 letters of calor, Latin for heat

Then M,

M for mellow, meek, mute,

Stands sturdy and upright on the outsides but

Wilts in the middle.

CAL raises the temperature to just above tepid

Then M slams off that kettle so the steam of complaint can’t vocalise.

By natural right heat radiates, steam rises

But calm forces it back where it can’t burn anyone but the soul it came from.

Dangerous but better than high blood pressure & a prison sentence,

Self-styled experts suggest

So the blizzard of fear blows over, freezes your vital organs in place.

You tolerate it for a while,

Days, weeks, months, years,

Take a trip in the valley of self-condemnation,

Every time you try to stand up for yourself you

Trip, fall, stab yourself on the scorching shrapnel of misdirected rage

Air rapidly escapes through the wounds of your punctured lungs

That’s why guilt is also called compunction.

Soon it’s a cycle –

Calm contains, fear freezes, guilt gashes

Days, weeks, months, years,

Calm contains, fear freezes, guilt gashes

Days, weeks, months, years,

Calm contains, fear freezes, guilt gashes

Days, weeks, months, years,

You’re supposed to be happy you didn’t harm others’ feelings

But real happiness makes the heart pump.

What gets pumped? Blood.

What does blood carry? Heat.

Heat of suppressed anger swimming in every vein, artery & capillary,

Ignites the flesh to wake up from fear-bitten hibernation

And wage world war on the dictatorship of peace.

Pursue the victory of life, liberty and the attainment of happiness,

Feel the barrage of love you should have fired at yourself,

Feel the tsunami of hate you should have showered on those who wronged you,

Feel this surging collision of two passions meeting in one spirit and

Fight back! Char your boss’s raas in court on grounds of unfair dismissal,

Fight back! Disown your family for dishonouring you,

Regrow your family tree from the seed of mutual affection,

Fight back! Cut communication lines with your new frenemies,

Connect with people whose metaphysical wealth floods into this physical plane,

Fight back! At the experts suggesting you to surrender

Because their words are nonsense

Just like cou.

What’s that? A nonsense you get

When you try to have courage without rage.

2 thoughts on “Poem: Last 4 Letters of COURAGE”

  1. Nice poem Tawny. Like the concept of courage without rage. I think you possibly have two poems in one here. The issue of your right as an individual to live your way. And the courage it takes to be that individual.


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