They’re Just Legal Gangsters!

Not all of them though. Some are alright

Even when they roam in groups at night like the streets are theirs,

Passing by giving unprovoked stares,

Not all of them are dangerous. But… it’s easy to forget when

So many of them are.

With big baggy bulletproof coats and hats overshadowing their faces like hoods

Who knows what’s lurking South side?

When they pack heat it’s no crime; in fact they can plant the weapons on you because

Chances are they’ll get away with it.


They’re not here to protect the innocent and victimised,

Injustice isn’t just endemic – it’s institutionalised!

Just raising your voice to object gives them legal reason to treat you suspect.

Want to rally together to protest? This is their turf, their endz, you’re under arrest!

You have the right to remain silent, which you WILL exercise one way or the other…


But not all of them.


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