My thoughts on The Moors of England

A few weeks ago (16/4/2015) Talawa Theatre had a rehearsed reading of Rex Obano’s The Moors of England. Though I missed the first 40 minutes or so (damn traffic, AND I got off at the wrong bus stop, AND I got lost, AND I had to wait for the latecomers’ cue!), it was still worth it.

The play was based on the true story of Fortunatus & Beaupair, two Moors (north African muslims) living in England’s Tudor era (1485-1603). That was an eye-opener; I never knew any Moors still existed in England in the Tudor era! I found it especially captivating how it took account of phenomena that would’ve happened back then (“You’re only 9. You don’t have to think of marriage for another 5 years!”). All in all it was an enjoyable and worthwhile piece, and when it’s released as a proper stage play I fully intend to see it.

Even better, author and researcher of Moors in English history Onyeka was selling his latest book Blackamoores: Africans in Tudor England, their presence, status and origins (ISBN 9780953318216). From the sheer size of the book alone, I was sure it would be a good read! Now just to find the time to read it…


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