Longer Than Life

Someone’s life is a debt to be repaid.

Someone who did the crime, forced an innocent to do more time than the crime was worth,

Someone who pronounced the sentence “Longer than life” for a crime worse than taking a life:

Daring to demand justice.

Justice is interruption of the law of the stolen land,

Dismantling the colonial empire bullion by bullion to repay the rightful indigenous owners,

Too numerous to warrant fair recompense,

Reparation of the eggshells broken to make the omelette of modern South Africa,

Yet the lives in those eggs have been cooked for no-one to eat.

Who’s left to save?

Someone did all that. Someone owes

471,443sq miles of Azanian land + millions of rand + innumerable lives = infinity

But a guiltless debt collector was coerced to pay 27 years of life to the debtor.

Infinity + 27 = justice not served.

South Africa, someone’s life is a debt to be repaid.

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