Poem: I against I

(an unusually short one for me)

I have a score to settle with me

A battle so ancient I’m suspecting it’s human nature

So it can’t change –

Except that change is nature

This soil-begotten body is the terrain

My soul’s right wing stays folded, conservative to the nest of what it knows

Jingoistically guarding the lines between

What-is and What-should-not-be

My soul’s left wing flaps, soaring liberally

Re-weaving the lines between What-is and What-should-not-be

Into a maze of infinite space-time potential.

But a bird with one wing spread & one wing folded

Only goes in circles

Is that why I hate politics?

No matter which way this country leans

It’s spiralling in the same old direction

Down, down, down toward an age-old fight between

Despotic tradition & egalitarian revolution

That every human individual, every human family & every human society

Has fought and is still fighting

Yet never with a clear victory

What’s it really about?

© One Tawny Stranger, September 2015

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