Black Professor at Delaware State Creates Book About Financial Literacy For Children

Nappy Newz

Dr. Michael Casson Jr
When it comes to finances, it’s never too late for Melanoid children to learn the language of money. One man has done his part to ensure that the children are fluent in this language.

Dr. Michael H. Casson Jr. is an associate professor of economics at Delaware State University. He is the author of a book titled: Enwan the Entrepreneur: Enwan’s First Savings Account.  The book features Enwan, a young Melanoid boy who learns valuable lessons about money management from his father, who is an entrepreneur. After deciding to follow his father’s footsteps in entrepreneurship, Enwan realizes the value of saving his money, so he decides to open up a savings account.


Dr. Casson illustrates the importance of his book, by explaining the following on the university’s website: “In our community, we are lacking in a keen understanding of financial literacy and business economics. To progress in our community, we…

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