‘Grey’ is the new black

A short while ago a thought came to mind. I mentioned it back in a previous post, but now I’ve realised how potent it can be. I mentioned that I don’t like the term mixed race and gave other terms I’d use in place of it. However, I’ve decided to drop the use of mulatto/ mulatta. It’s unfashionable at best, offensive at worst.

Instead, to refer to half-‘black’ half-‘white’ people I’ll simply use either pardo/ parda (as they do in Samerica) or… ‘grey’!

Wait there. I’m gonna pour some Cheerios on your chest to make you feel better.

Yes I’m sticking with the should-be-outdated colour metaphors! Why? For the same reason I put black & white in quote marks when talking about people – to prove how stupid they are! MAYBE someone will finally get some not-so-common sense and notice that since no-one has literally grey skin*, no-one has literally black or white skin either!

* Bar people with argyria, like Rosemary Jacobs

Of course, this is just my thinking and no-one has to agree with me. If ‘mixed race’ people prefer other terms, it’s their identity at the end of the day not mine.

Interestingly, this means that most modern-day Asians could be classified as ‘grey’ too due to mixing of aboriginal ‘blacks’ & newcoming ‘whites’! Because it happened so long ago, they’ve forged new identities for themselves – Koreans, Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs, Iranians, etc. All good, except that in this post-colonial global racist zeitgeist many people (including most Asians themselves) still think different skin colours & phenotypes = unique origins separate from everyone else.

Imagine that though; Asians being called ‘grey’ instead of brown or yellow! Let’s try it:

Pakistanis – ‘GREY’!
Arabs (ogling woman regardless of niqab) – ‘GREY’!
Filipinas – ‘GREY’!
Original Filipinas – ‘black’!
original Indian – ‘black’!
Bollywood Indian – ‘GREY’ (but damn near ‘white’)!
Australian – ‘GREY’!
Tasmanian – ‘GREY’!

Sounds weird. Meh, it’ll catch on I’m sure…    SuspiciousFace

10 thoughts on “‘Grey’ is the new black”

  1. Calling them grey??? It’ll never catch on!lol Also don’t tell Indians or Filipinos their ancestors were black. I told a Fiipino co-worker that….he freaked out!! Thought he was going to have a heart attack!lol They all suffer from anti-blackness. I don’t care how dark skinned they are either. I’ve noticed this with most non blacks. I’m sure you have also.


    1. LOL. Honestly I’ve never brought up the topic with Asians, i find they like to derail anti-‘black’ racism discussions to talk about anti-Asian racism. Even African history talks they like to derail by talking about their history.
      But it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. I see & hear them fearing becoming “too dark” so they wear hoods in summer & umbrellas when there’s no rain! Disgusting.

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      1. I don’t doubt it at all! I’ve seen their reactions before. It’s quite comical.lol Have you read the book When the World was Black? It’s by Supreme Understanding. There’s actually a part two as well. In the book he explains how the world was once dominated by African people everywhere. He does a great breakdown on anthropology and ancient history. He has some great pics in the pic too. He talks about black people being in Japan,Fiji,Polynesia,China, Malaysia,Indonesia and Phillipines. He covers a lot of ground! Be sure to check it out. I think you’ll like it.


      2. Ah, never heard of that one. Thanks for that! Runoko Rashidi does very similar research, on the history of ‘black’ people all over the world. Asia, “Europe”, Australia, the Americas, etc. I recommend his books, he’s done shitloads of them.

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      3. Yes I’ve learned quite a bit from Rashidi. I had the pleasure of meeting him on two different occasions. I got to sit and have lunch with him after a lecture. And he signed a few books for me. We chatted
        about his friends Ivan Van Sertima and Chancellor Williams. Rashidi even wrote the foreword to When the World was Black.


      4. Yeah he was a cool brother. Took a few videos and pics with him. He was really down to earth. An experience I’ll never forget.


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