Aiyana Jones


Aiyana Stanley Jones (c. 2003-2010) was a seven-year-old girl shot dead by the Detroit police in a military-style raid on her home in the middle of the night. This was at 4054 Lillibridge in east Detroit at 12:40 am on Sunday May 16th 2010. The police were looking for a murder suspect, who it seems they later found in the upstairs flat of the house.

Her father said he put her to bed on his mother’s couch, covering her with her favourite blanket and then went to bed. The next thing he knows there is a loud bang and then a gun shot. He ran to the living room to protect his daughter. She was on fire. Before he could reach her the police stopped him and made him lay down on the floor, face down in his daughter’s blood.

Her grandmother was in the living room when the flash…

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