Have you noticed… that most TV commercials will not portray black men and women together?

Racism Is White Supremacy

I just received an email from a black female I’ll call Stacy:

“Have you noticed that the commercials on TV have almost completely eliminated the black female especially if there is a black male on scene. The new black female is the white woman.”

My response:

“I have, and it’s true in the movies as well. It should be clear (to anyone with two working eyes) that the white supremacist system wants black males with ANYONE BUT a black female

(for fear we’ll BREED more black babies and somehow, find a way to unify with each other)

They would rather see a black male with a white, Asian, or Hispanic female or even lying in bed with a white male in a homosexual relationship


If you doubt this, check out the TV commercials with black males surrounded by white people and often paired up with…

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