Probably the weirdest post I’ve ever done (and ever will do!) but here goes.

Yesterday while I was out having lunch with my girlfriend, we were randomly talking about the topic of nails. She said she’s been biting hers since she was little and that’s how she kept them so short and neat. I personally have never bitten my nails in my entire life; I’ve always thought it dirty and kinda beastly looking. I also had this image in my head that bitten nails always look jagged and damaged. However, I tried it and



iT WORKED! I was absolutely gobsmacked that I could bite my own nails, and so neatly! Suddenly it was like I’d gained a new level of independence. All that time I’d wasted waiting to get home to clip my nails when I could’ve just done it myself on the spot! As stupid as it sounds, it also answered a childhood question in my mind – how did people keep their nails short before nail clippers were invented? I always thought they either didn’t or used stones to grind them down.

Now I feel enlightened! And I’m not being sarcastic.

I even told my girlfriend, “I’ve been living my whole life completely wrong.” Even as I wrote this post she was going


But I don’t business!

But then what about toenails…?


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