Chicago Police Don’t Want You To See This Picture of Officers ‘Hunting’ Black Man

Nappy Newz


It’s the picture the Chicago Police Department doesn’t want the public to see. The image is of two Chicago Police officers posing with rifles over an unidentified suspect as though he was hunted. Nearly all who have seen the image have noted the obvious racial tone of the image. Few, even within the department, have tried to deny that the image of and the scenario is racially charged.

Who the man in the photo is remains a mystery, but sources within the department say that he was a “drug suspect” who the Chicago cops forced to pose this way, with deer antlers on his head, and lying on his stomach as though he had been shot by the officers who “hunted” him.


Try as they might, the Chicago Police Department was unable to keep a Cook County judge from releasing their secret image.

The officers in the picture have been…

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