About Aryanism

Note: I’m well aware of its associations with Hitler, eugenics, the “master race” concept, etc. as pointed out by Abagond and others. However, last year I became aware of another type of Aryanism, which I believe some also call esoteric Hitlerism. I neither endorse nor condemn it, just present it here for examination. Like I said, I like to explore topics others don’t. 

The basic crux of this worldview is its insistence on three different races of humans. However, these races have nothing to do with skin colour, geographic ancestry, hair texture, ethnicity or anything like how it’s clasically defined. For clarity’s sake I will use race as the website defines it, and substitute the “normal” definition of race with ethnicity or ethnic group.

These three races are the results of different stages of human evolution in all parts of the world:

GENTILES – aka. hunter-gatherers or honest tribalists. These are the primordial/ primitive humans from which we all originate. “Honest tribalists” means they divide the human race into good (their ethnic group/ nation) and evil (everyone else), and don’t try to hide it. The hunter-gatherer lifestyle is believed to be a direct offshoot of humans’ evolutionary predecessors (apes), and perhaps ironically still make up the vast majority of humans today. Typical traits include high sexual dimorphism, prominent brow ridge, broad faces, short/fat fingers, large lower jaw, tendency to obesity, and tendency to have children young.

JEWS – aka. herders or dishonest tribalists. This is a second group that mutated into existence later, more intelligent (since herding was more energy-efficient than hunter-gathering) but less moral than Gentiles. “Dishonest tribalists” means they believe in themselves as good and everyone else as evil, but lie to everyone by claiming to be universalists – all the while exploiting them for valued resources. Jew is the modern term, ancestral “Jews” are more accurately called Israelites (for pre-Moses ones) & Turanians (for pre-Jacob ones). Typical traits include … I can’t find anything on the site that mentions this!!! Meh, do it later.

ARYANS – aka. farmers, folkists or nobles. Mutated into existence later again. More intelligent and more moral than both the others, as they were smart enough to grow foods for themselves and altruistic enough to share it with others. They were originally settlers as opposed to nomads. “Folkists” means people who band together because of common goals/ beliefs/ destinies, regardless of ethnic or national origin. Apparently Jews also call Aryans Amalek (valley-dwellers), as Aryans originally made their farms around river basins. Typical traits include low sexual dimorphism, oval faces, neotenous facial features (e.g. large eyes, small or absent brow ridge, relatively small lower jaw), gracile bodies tending toward ectomorphy (skinniness), high degree of sexual self-control (originally many were totally celibate!), long/narrow fingers, and tendency to have children in later life.

Keep in mind I’m only defining Gentile, Jew & Aryan as the website’s author/s defines them. For the rest of this post that will remain the case.

Another relevant term is goy (plural = goyim). Normally it’s a Hebrew word meaning non-Jew but in the Aryanist understanding it means any living being preyed upon by others, i.e. non-human animals & non-Jewish humans. Their “predators” are the herders, aka. Jews.

These three races originally existed amongst all ethnic groups and were easily distinguishable, behaviourally and phenotypically. That’s because, despite common ancestry, they were genetically different to each other. How? Evolutionary mutations. Gentiles were selfish, violent & gullible (and ugly), Jews were evil (and ugly), Aryans were good (and beautiful). However, for some reason over time they intermixed, hence why appearance often doesn’t match behaviour. One can be ugly (Gentile/ Jewish trait) but have a nice personality (Aryan trait), or vice versa.

Obviously its definition of attractive & ugly is universal.

How do they define attractive and ugly? Pretty much any bodily feature that makes you look less child-like is deemed ugly, as youth/ neoteny is the pinnacle of beauty (and by extension an Aryan trait). Aryans have mutated to maintain their more infantile traits, while Gentiles and Jews are “subject to the normal aging process”. However, this applies to individuals’ biologies as well as groups.

Example: Aboriginal Australians & other native Oceanians often have blond/red hair as youths. For some reason women tend to retain it into adulthood, while men tend to go darker. The women who stayed red/ blonde are more Aryan because they retained a youthful feature, while those who turned darker have suffered a loss of “Aryanness”. Those who were born with black hair and retain it through adulthood are maintaining “Aryanness” because black hair was always a youthful trait for them. If it happened the other way round (someone born with black hair but turned blond/ red/ whatever other colour in adulthood), that would also be loss of “Aryanness” because it’s an age-related change therefore bad.

Height seems to be an interesting exception. Obviously growing is an age-related process so should be always bad.

If a Jew or Gentile gets taller, that’s seen as bad. If they stay the same height as in childhood (somehow!), that would be comparatively more Aryan. If an Aryan stays the same as his/her childhood height (somehow!), that’s good. However, if they grow taller while retaining other Aryan features that’s superior to everyone else! In other words, tall Aryans are superior to short Aryans! Makes about as much sense as…

As for “conventionally-defined” Aryanism (which the site says is correctly called ‘White’ Nationalism), it is diametrically opposed to “true” Aryanism because it employs the same tribalist tricks as any other Gentile belief system.

For all its insistence on physical traits, it’s the lifestyle they endorse that really merits attention. Because of ancient admixture there’s no longer guarantee that someone who looks Aryan is Aryan. However, people who behave and think Aryan will “effortlessly” recognise each other and naturally cooperate for the greater good of humanity.

What is this greater good?

In short: to save the world (from itself).

In detail: Our purpose is to present the theory of Aryanism, and to recruit, train and organize those who show commitment and ability to put the theory into practice.

We seek like-minded idealists who can bring valuable technical skills, relevant connections, useful resources and – above all – high-quality thinking to our movement. We welcome cooperation with other movements provided our respective aims are not in conflict, and we offer ideological and strategic consultancy as well as various forms of practical support to Aryanism-friendly political and activist groups around the world. In all our networking, we follow our guiding principle: UNITY THROUGH NOBILITY.

We operate with urgency in anticipation of a troubled near future, and aim to do what we can to help the world emerge a better place at the end of it. (copied from the website)

Certain religions/ worldviews are also identifiable as Gentile, Jewish & Aryan:

  • Gentile ones are basically pagan (i.e. local/ native/ ethnocentric) and don’t care about universal guidance or truth. They actively foster in-group altruism AND out-group indifference;
  • Jewish ones are supremacist, racist, materialistic & induce/ promote/ maintain servility. Obviously Judaism is the archetype, but I personally would also include Hinduism;
  • Aryan ones focus on improving the lot of all humans & eliminating all forms of slavery (e.g. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Rastafarianism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism).

Gentile and Jewish ones are to be opposed & eliminated, while Aryan ones are to be preserved or resurrected. However, it should ALWAYS be kept in mind that, like people, all religions only have certain aspects of Aryanness and should never be followed wholesale. No religion is wholly good, only those parts that align with Aryan values – so anything else is to be ignored.

(They also define Zionism as the ultimate goal of Judaism, a totalitarian slavery system in which all goyim are exploited ad infinitum & resistance is impossible. Interesting that asceticism and hatred of life are defined as Aryan traits, and survival is seen as only a means to advance the cause.  Hmmm…)

So… is this Aryan?

It’s fairly similar to a hadiyth in which Muhammad said: people who were bad before becoming muslim will be bad muslims, while those who were good before being muslim will be good muslims. The latter you should hang around, the former you should keep some distance from.

One thing that may trouble a lot of readers is the site’s reverence of Adolf Hitler. It uses a lot of his quotes, as well as some from his 2IC Rudolf Hess. In a nutshell it claims Hitler was misunderstood. He ultimately stood for Aryan values, though as a politician he couldn’t always express them. In his early days he fostered an exaggerated sense of German pride to help Germans regain confidence in themselves after losing WW1 & to get into power. Once he’d achieved those he outed himself as a racial-idealist (someone who works to improve their ‘race’ and work it toward an ideal of some sort). However, the NSDAP (Hitler’s party) was starkly unracist, especially compared to Euro-America and other European powers. In some aspects of his philosophy he was mistaken, and Aryanists are fully prepared to disagree with his mistakes as & when they’re found. Unlike Christians and Muslims, they don’t feel obliged to follow Hitler – only to continue what they define as his Aryan goals. The site also uses Hitler as a kind of shibboleth to determine who’s open-minded enough to read on, rather than assume it’s as the media says.



However, I have to admit I like what they say about how to raise children. Gentiles & Jews believe in tough love and training children to be obedient to them & their culture (exactly as slavers do to enslaved). Aryans, on the other hand, believe in allowing children to grow as individuals. The former believe in Original Sin from which children need to be dragged out and saved, the latter believe in Original Nobility in which children should be left and nurtured as much as possible. The former do childrearing, while the latter do childcare. To Gentiles & Jews maturity is salvation, while to Aryans maturity is corruption (hence the word adulterate). While such age-hatred irks me, I completely agree that children are much more intelligent than most adults like to think, and that intelligence should be encouraged & developed. I’m even planning a poem that’ll further explore parenting styles.

What about the swastika? They believe (correctly in my opinion) that the swastika was an ancient symbol that long pre-dated Nazism. It wasn’t confined to any one ethnic group, nor was it ever used to foster tribalism. Its original meaning has been completely inverted, hence why everyone now thinks it’s evil. In that sense they’d probably agree with Taj-akoben.

Finally, the site’s author/s say that Aryanism is not a religion, at least not in the normal sense. It’s about personal attitudes AND endeavours. In other words you can’t just believe in it privately, you must publicly practise it too.

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