6 Ancient Civilizations Mistakenly Thought To Have Homogeneous White Populations

Nappy Newz

Recent genetic and anthropological studies have concluded that the people known as white Europeans today are not the original inhabitants of Europe. However, this has been documented historically at least since the 19th century.


A common assumption is that ancient Greeks were an ethnically homogeneous population. Black Athena author Martin Bernal challenged this view in his three-volume work arguing the tidal wave of racist ideology that  swept over northern Europe at the end of the 18th century and onward, led to to a denial of the strong African and Semetic influence on Greek civilization.

Bernal rejected what he called the “Aryan model,” the idea that Greek civilization was founded by Indo-European settlers from Central Europe.  The theory, argued Bernal, became generally accepted during the 19th century. He instead agreed with what he called the “Ancient model;” referring to the fact that both Egyptian and Phoenician influences on the Greek world were widely…

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