Some notes on how I use common terms 6

A continuation of my previous post series. As always terms are as I personally use them, not necessarily how they’re commonly understood:

Murtadd: Arabic for apostate. I used to spell it murtad until I remembered the letter dāl is doubled! I use it as a self-appellation as I’m no longer a muslim (now been 2 and a half years since I left!). I also accept ex-muslim, kāfir, non-believer, ex-believer, unbeliever, infidel, iconoclast, blasphemer and gayr-muslim. Munāfiq (hypocrite) I don’t accept because my Islām was never insincere; I believed it in letter & in spirit, and practised it privately & publicly.

Irtidād: apostasy, the state of abandoning one’s religion. Also called riddah, both Arabic.

Vedic: since reading Wendy Doniger’s The Hindus: An Alternative History, I’ve come to understand the term Aryan is nebulous at best. Why? Because historians still don’t know exactly who the “Aryans” were. The evidence strongly suggests the original creators of Indian civilisations (Mohenjo-daro, Harappa, etc.) were a fundamentally different people to the ones who wrote the Vedas. It also suggests these latter people spoke an “Indo-European” or “Proto-Indo-European” language. However, no-one seems to have evidence of an “Indo-European” people as a distinct group! We know they called themselves Arya (meaning noble in Sanskrit) but their origins are still hotly debated. All we know for sure is they created the Vedas and the Hindu caste system.

N-word: taking one commenter’s views into account, and pondering over the prevalence of media usage, I decided to use this form rather than the full word. She did ask me to use asterisks but that raised the question of how many to have because of spelling variations (n**** or n*****?) which I honestly don’t care about. Meaning remains unchanged, and I still don’t accept the “term of endearment” argument.

This ‘un’s still as hideous and annoying as ever.

In fact, I’ll add a new layer of meaning. Where some use the term Negro (to refer to self-hating/ ‘white’-worshipping ‘blacks’), I’ll use the n-word. Not just for them, but also for those who willingly abide by the negative stereotypes.

Like Lil Wayne. Hence why I hate him.

Slaver/ enslaver: I’ve gained a habit of using this name for those ‘whites’ who enslaved Africans in the Maafa (see below). Why? They were savages, kidnappers, burglars, predators, rapists, child-rapists, mass murderers, terrorists, basically everything bad under the sun. Masters? No.

Slave: I don’t really like using it. I sometimes default to it for ease of reference. However, I’m breaking that habit and instead calling such people enslaved, kidnapped, brutalised, victimised, colonised, commodified or inferiorised.

Brahmanism: pretty much synonymous with mainstream Hinduism with particular emphasis on the anti-Dravidian anti-melanin anti-woman aspects. If I use them at all I’ll use varnashramadharma, the caste system and casteism as synonyms. Note, though, that it’s not just the Brahmans (the top caste) that follows and defends it. So do the next 2 down: Kshatriyas & Vaishyas. They’re all privileged relative to the Shudras & Avarnas (see below).

Avarna: a Hindu term referring to the untouchables, literally means casteless (a-varna). B.R. Ambedkar argued that untouchables should therefore not count themselves as Hindus, since varna (caste) Hindus don’t include them in anything, and I can’t argue with that logic. Means the same thing as panchama (5th, in reference to the 4 castes), Dalits, pariahs, no-castes, Harijans & Scheduled Castes (what the Indian government calls them).

Misogyny: honestly I never used to use this term as I didn’t quite believe men could hate women just for being female. Boy was I fucking wrong! Many men do indeed hate femaleness & femininity itself, and the number of ways that hatred manifests actually leaves me like omg_wtf_catrubikscube350o

Beating up pregnant women, saying rape is a compliment to their attractiveness, assuming fat = ugly, blaming woman for the existence of sin & death (yes Christians & Jews, I’m naming & shaming you!), touching up women & girls when they clearly don’t want it, … oh my God this could go on!

Privilege: literally means ‘private/ individual law’, and by extension comes to mean advantages and rights applied to certain people, usually undeserved. In other words, one law for you and another for them. Nowadays it’s used as a synonym for self-entitlement, a sense of being better than others and in a position to tell them how to live their lives. Everyone has the potential to act this way, even (surprisingly often!) people who were/ are oppressed.

Racism/ ‘white’ supremacy: a term I’ve come to really sympathise with ever since reading Racism is White Supremacy. While I don’t agree with categorising all forms of racism as ‘white’ supremacy, it’s inarguably the main type affecting the world at present. To me supremacy covers the social/ national/ political level, while racism covers that plus interpersonal relationships and personal beliefs. Other forms of racism I recognise include Internalised (by non-‘whites’), Anti-‘black’ (regardless of who the perpetrator is), Brahmanism (see above), Shadism, Miscegenation (Australian style) and others. Then there’s…

Reverse racism: when historic victims of racism behave in arguably racist ways to their historic oppressors. In the case of specifically ‘black’ against ‘white’, I have seen no examples happening in real life – now or in the past. It’s theoretically possible, but racism works in reality not in theory. In the present climate it’s especially ludicrous to claim the existence of ‘black’ supremacy. Nope, even the Black Panthers, Marcus Garvey & Nation of Islam don’t count since they didn’t turn America into a ‘black’-favouring nation.

Semi-conscious: meaning those specific ‘black’ people who are aware of some racial issues but ignore others. Sometimes they’ll still exhibit traits of a colonised mind, e.g. claiming they’re not African (Hebrew Israelites and NOI are the best examples). Other symptoms include:

  • Reinforcement of specific gender roles (which coincidentally mirror those of typical 16th-20th century ‘whites’)
  • Subsequent claims that polygyny is natural & monogyny isn’t. Note -gyny rather than -gamy because it’s OK for men to be with more than 1 woman. But women having more than 1 man? Sudden silence
  • Subsequent homophobia and claims like “gay Africans didn’t exist before colonialism”
  • Blaming ‘black’ feminism, or even ‘black’ women in general, for the present-day shit we’re all going through
  • Constant recourse to “our ancestors” (without specifying which ancestors) or “our culture” (as if we have, or ever had, a singular common culture!)
  • Fucking around with the spellings & etymologies of words. Why? To sound well-read and/or to associate everything with historical ‘blackness’. The worst example I’ve seen is claiming the n-word came from Nāga! WTF?

I may also call them half-awake or drowsy. They’re probably the same thing as Hotep Twitter, though I don’t want to associate the name of a genuine legend with their bollocks.

Thanks brother!

Euro-Israelis: the majority of people currently populating Israel. All of these are by definition of overwhelmingly ‘white’ European (especially Ashkenazi) ancestry. They like to see themselves as different to other ‘white’ people, but quite simply they’re not. Especially not in how they’re treating Palestinian natives or African immigrants.

Israel begins post-conflict recovery
Maved la Aravim! (Death to the Arabs) Maved la Kushim! (Death to the ‘blacks’)

Which brings me nicely to…

Judeans/ Israelites: the original (therefore ‘black’) inhabitants of Israel, the ones the Bible bangs on about so much, the original speakers of Hebrew. Probably don’t exist anymore. Definitely NOT synonymous with Euro-Israelis, Jews or even Palestinians.

Bollywood Indian/ Bollywood type: covered in my South Asians post.

PTSS: acronym of Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome, coined by Dr. Joy DeGruy Leary.

Wasia: my shorthand for west Asia, normally known as Europe. I only use Europe now for ease of communication, but it’s obvious to anyone who’s looked at a map that there’s no natural division between Europe and Asia. The division is rooted in political & racial whims, i.e. man-made. “We don’t wanna remember we live next to them brownies over there!”

The Maafa: literally translates as great disaster/ calamity/ tragedy in Swahili. Synonym for the TAST (Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade), which I want to use more often as Slave Trade sounds a bit euphemistic. I would use African Holocaust, except that holocaust literally means burning. This was a period of premeditated kidnapping, rape/ sexual conquest, theft, torture, unjustified hatred, terrorism, all manners of evil – though of course there were holocausts committed against Africans too. Google the Herero & Nama genocide. At times I’ll also use Barbarity Time to mean the same thing.

Americans: unlike most of the world, I’m using it in its original sense – the ‘red-skinned’ pre-Columbian inhabitants*. And by that I mean north, central, Caribbean AND south American. As for those who make the majority of present-day inhabitants, I’m calling them Euro-Americans. Or in light of the Wasia segment, Wasian-Americans!

* Though their colour is often well within the range known as brown, even ‘black’. 

Would’ve-been-‘black’/ brown/ ‘grey’: albinos with at least 1 melaninated parent.

‘HWIT’: albinos with 2 ‘white’ parents. Inspired by hwit, the original spelling of white. Notice the H is not silent.

Religion: unlike most Western-raised people I view religion as any worldview/ philosophy/ way of life/ ideology/ spirituality. While I often default to the normal definition for simplicity’s sake, due to my Islamic upbringing I tend to think of diyn (also spelt din or deen). This encompasses a much broader range of definitions than just anything-that-recognises-a-god-or-gods. This is why I regard atheism as a religion (especially when combined with Darwinism). In that sense you can say religion means habit, personal beliefs, political agenda, rituals or likes & dislikes. Therefore:-

  • A man with OCD scrubbing his floor 30 times a day is following his own religion,
  • A woman who bullies her employees for whatever reason is following her own religion,
  • A Congolese woman writing an autobiography of how she became the president of USA is following her own religion (or would be if it actually happened!!!),
  • A gay couple walking in the street, any street, is following their own religion,
  • An Afro-American woman refusing to buy hair products from Asians is following her own religion,
  • An infant girl playing with a Barbie doll because she thinks it looks pretty is following her own religion.



(Personally I think Bratz look prettier but lakum diynukum wa liya diyn – To you your religion and to me my religion)

Note this means religions can be good and shit, just like the people who create & follow them.

More terms will come in good time.

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