Putting a fool in their place

Recently I found a brilliant post in which the author was relating her experiences as an abandoned child and mother-of-2 (page 1 & 2). This is how one commenter responded:

Has the wroter ever tried to find out the “why” of thr hostility, the distsance. Instead of feeling sorry for herself she should be seeking answers. The writer even wroter in the article that she does not iknow the answers. If she is such an “exp-ert” in relastionshp matters, I do not understand why, after all these years, she has not tried to bring u nderstanding and closure to her own situation. Syhe seems to gloorify the stepmom and other females in her loifek, yet, stio, leave the birth jother on the sidelines.l Littlke, if anything is revealed about the mother. The author seems to vilify the birth mom. Something is wrong with this picture.

(original spelling)

If I could be assed to sign up to yet another social media (Disqus) I would’ve replied:

@ sinezz,
1- Learn to write properly. Your spelling is atrocious.

2- At 5 years old, no-one has the maturity to understand what the mother is going through because you’re still learning.

3- If you’d read the whole thing, you’d see that she tried to reconcile with her mother when she was 27. But her birth mother rejected her, outright saying she doesn’t like her. It’s not Sil Lai’s responsibility to understand her, it’s the mother’s responsibility to tell her. Since she refused to back then, it’s unrealistic to expect her to ever do so.

4- Give examples of when she was vilifying her. There are none in the article so I’m interested to see how you got that conclusion.

5- Your words sound like something a paedophile or paedophile sympathiser would say. Blame the child for the parents’ bad behaviour. If you’re a parent yourself, you don’t deserve to be. I’m preparing a poem specifically about people like you.


Yes I am being judgmental. I don’t believe in being nonjudgmental. This is an issue I feel really strongly about, because I understand and have personally experienced what it means to be unwanted by your family. Fair enough most people don’t have that experience, but to think it never happens or it’s somehow the child’s fault… such a person deserves no mercy.


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