Did You Know That Government Documents Exists That Advocate Putting All Black Americans in Concentration Camps?

The LR Zone


If you weren’t aware of these things already… the King Alfred Plan is quite real unlike what some of the AmeriKKKa apologists think…

For years, there have been certain government documents floating around that suggested the mass interment of Black people in America. Documents such as the King Alfred Plan have  long been dismissed by government officials as works of fiction because it cannot be traced back to a specific author or origin.

But recently a new document was discovered.

A thesis written by President Ronald Reagan’s FEMA director Louis Giuffrada at the US Army War College in 1970, entitled “National Survival-Racial Imperative” goes into elaborate details about the logistics of rounding up Black Americans to be placed in concentration camps.

This document did not use code words or euphemisms like many recent comparative documents and policies today. The National Survival-Racial Imperative thesis was very specific about targeting Black Americans.

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