POEM: Underground Wastelands of Kingston Town

Totally different to my normal type of poems, as I wanted to expand the type of topics I write about. Inspired by this video:  

Living in the gullies,

Underground wastelands of Kingston town.

Family don’t wanna house me,

Friends never heard of me,

People on road wanna jook me.

They call me bugger,

Chichi man,

Batty bwoi,


But in the gullies,

Underground wastelands of Kingston town,

I decide what to call me.

Man a gully queen.

Address me by my titles I give you to give me:


Grand Mother,

Her Majesty.

(deep audible breath)

Gully walls are too narrow,

Sewer openings too dirty,

No division between bedroom, kitchen and toilet

But make way!

Routine calls:

Shave face, shave legs,

Lipstick, falsies, nails,

Tube top, skirt, heels,

Weave, skin lightener,

(Some say that’s not good for me

But man has to survive)


For another night of

Maybe get lucky with a cute straight guy,

Maybe get cutlass to the throat again

But definitely exciting.

But just in case have my girls for backup:

The siblings, children & parents I chose

Down in the gullies,

Underground wastelands of Kingston town.

But we don’t wanna stay here.

We have a dream:

To march upon the Government,

Make them know we are their problem

As well as the flesh-and-blood who cut us off.

Watch us kick them out,

Legislate them to live in the shitholes

While we free Jamaica from mental slavery

The mental slavery of hating a man’s desire for another man

Or a woman’s desire for another woman,

Of killing we who show the mere possibility of alternative gender roles,

Of blaming “our ways” for the downfall of the black race

When it was Massa

Who used to wank at sticking spear in Christ’s side.

But ‘til then we have to

Scrape and scrounge around in the gullies,

Underground wastelands of Kingston town.


© One Tawny Stranger, March 2016

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