REPOST: Have Children. It’s Your Revolutionary Duty – Malema

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AFRICANGLOBE – Making children is a revolutionary duty, according to Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema.

Addressing a community meeting in Meadowlands, Soweto, last night – ahead of the party’s manifesto launch on April 30 at Orlando Stadium – Malema gave residents a serious pep talk.

“You are reproducing your ideas and you are reproducing your legacy when you have children. Therefore your legacy will stay forever. White people don’t want you to make children because we are more than them and so they discourage you from making children so that they can be more than us. The day they are more than us, that is the day that they are going to take over this land.”

Malema was well-received by young and old, who could barely contain their excitement when he stepped on to the back of a van to give his address shortly after 5pm.

Residents were first given a chance to share their grievances – which had to do with housing, unemployment and service delivery.

Speaking to the elders of the community Malema stressed that parents need to look after their children and support them.

“You are poor today, yet you have kids. If you look after these children, they will look after you. We come from poor families but those single mothers looked after us, today we are looking after them.

“There is no alcohol that is going to look after you in future when you are unemployed, there is no drug that will look after you. It is what we call an investment,” he said.

He offered the same message to youth and said there was no drug that would give them a better life.

“Hang in there. Tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow when the lives of Black people are better you will not be there because you will have destroyed yourself with alcohol and drugs. When freedom comes tomorrow it must find you intact so that you can enjoy it.

“We were like you, we used to sleep without food yet we did not use drugs. Stop using poverty as an excuse to do wrong things.”

By: S’thembile Cele


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