REPOST: Somali Children Stolen By Government Because of Parents’ Broken English

The LR Zone

This is some boolshyt… WTF? Any excuse to take kids and fuck up

The government believes that children are property of government and simply a commodity, with quotas on the amount of children taken.
Guled Farah and Farhia Gelle learned the hard way when they moved from Somalia to Winnipeg. They were told by CFS that they weren’t fit parents due to “broken english” and two of their children were taken from them when one had an accident and went to the hospital. When Mrs. Gelle was pregnant with another child in 2010, CFS told her that if the baby was born in Canada and not Somalia, she too would be taken away by CFS. However, as the laws of CFS work in Manitoba. If they were to go back to Somalia simply to have a baby and resist the baby being taken away, CFS would claim abandonment of…

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