REPOST: Albert Einstein and Black Americans


Einstein with the children of Lincoln University Faculty, May 3rd 1946 Einstein at Lincoln University, May 3rd 1946.

In 1931, when the Scottsboro Boys were falsely accused of rape, Einstein backed a campaign to defend them.

In 1933 he fled Nazi Germany, coming to the US.

In 1937, when Princeton’s Nassau Inn would not give Marian Anderson a room because of her skin colour, he did.

In 1946 he said:

The separation of the races is not a disease of colored people, but a disease of white people. I do not intend to be quiet about it.


There is, however, a somber point in the social outlook of Americans. Their sense of equality and human dignity is mainly limited to men of white skins. Even among these there are prejudices of which I as a Jew am clearly conscious; but they are unimportant in comparison with the attitude of the “Whites” toward their fellow-citizens of darker complexion, particularly toward Negroes…

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