Poem: Fifty Percent

Photo from, and poem part-inspired, by http://www.asparkstarts.com/bad-parents-stop-ruining-lives/

Yes I am being a judgmental prick

And I don’t business.

Yes I am trying to offend

And I don’t business.

Yes I will make enemies when I don’t really need to

And I don’t business.

This is CPR to the lungs

Of cold hard lifeless facts,

Shining light on my ears’ visions,

Stringing vocal chords to the windpipes

Of what my eyes scream at me.

Wish it weren’t true




Yes please point out

“You don’t have children.”

Yes please ask

“What right do you have to judge my parenting?”

I could counter by pointing out

I was a child

And I had parents.

What I will do is get to the point:

If you:

  • Let them hear you say “I love you”
  • And “I’m proud of you”,
  • Allow them to play and laugh,
  • Encourage their questions and try to answer,
  • Want them to do better than you
  • In whatever they choose to do,
  • Are willing to teach them about sex
  • Before school, media & porn do,
  • Tell them what they’re doing right as well as wrong,
  • Get involved in their passions & dreams,
  • Make up for when you let them down
  • (Because let’s face it: no-one’s perfect),
  • Teach them how to defend themselves from bullies,
  • Give them a happy childhood
  • So they can have a happy adulthood,

This criticism does not apply.

You are safe.

If you:

  • Blame your newborn daughter for stealing your man,
  • Ignore your crying baby so it can learn independence,
  • Find breastfeeding shameful in public and in private,
  • Had kids just because your parents wanted grandchildren,
  • Or your culture or religion said that’s your duty,
  • Or your friends are having them,
  • Or had them against your will,
  • Disown your kids for not following the god you believe in,
  • Believe they’re born in sin,
  • Believe their genitals need ‘reshaping’,
  • Teach your daughter to shut up and take it,
  • Say a child who was disowned or beaten or raped by a parent
  • Was being difficult or needs to understand the parent’s point of view,
  • Smoke, drink or do drugs during pregnancy,
  • Walk out on them because you didn’t get on with the ex,
  • Think it’s the school’s job to teach them not yours,
  • Think more expensive schools = better education
  • Or money & gifts make up for your absence,
  • Beat your kid for speaking to elders or looking them in the eye,
  • Beat them to toughen them up,
  • Would rescue your baby from a building on fire
  • And leave someone else’s to burn,
  • Have kids with someone of a different background
  • So they don’t look too much like you,
  • Think boys should be dominant and girls dominated,
  • Would terminate a foetus on account of its sex,
  • Let them learn about sex from school, media & porn first,
  • Think your son acts unmanly
  • Or your daughter acts unfeminine,
  • Would kill them to protect your honour,

You are a shit parent.

Yes I am condemning

And I did warn you.

Yes I am naming and shaming

And I did warn you.

Yes I am inviting you to hate the fuck out of me

But before you do that

Check yourselves.

What are you guilty of?

What are you guilty of?

What are you guilty of?


© One Tawny Stranger, May 2016

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