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Generous Shopper Who Paid For Man’s Bill Gets £8k Thank You

[Photo credit: Daily Mirror]


A WOMAN generously paid a fellow customer’s £22 supermarker bill was surprised to get her money back – and shocked to get an additional £8,000 painting too.

Pamela Philip discoverd the man she helped was a famous “sleepwalking artist”, who was so moved by her random act of kindness he decided to gift her one of his works of art.

At the time, Philip was in a hurry to meet a friend when she got stuck behind a flustered customer, who had lost his wallet, in the queue at Tesco.

She stepped forward to pay for his shopping, so she could get out of the store.

The grateful man insisted on repaying the 29-year-old, and convinced her to give him her address.

She thought nothing of it, until one month later when she received a package in the post.

Inside was a cheque for £22 and a painting with a certificate of authenticity signed by artist Lee Hadwin.

When she investigated, she discovered the man she encountered at Tesco was Hadwin, a professional artist who does all his work while sleeping, and the painting of a red cross on a solid black background is worth £7,850.

She told Daily Mirror: “I still can’t believe it, I’m in shock. I never expected to hear from him again.

“When he asked for my address I kept saying ‘no don’t worry about it, it’s nothing’ because £22 is nothing really.

“I had forgotten all about it. I think it’s quite a rare thing for people to do these days. I gave the money without expecting anything back.

“If his shopping had been £100 I wouldn’t have offered, but £22 isn’t much so I was happy to help.”

Philip, a call centre worker, from east London, stepped in for the penniless shopper at Tesco near Liverpool Street Underground on Saturday, April 23.

She has not yet decided what to do with her unexpected gift, as she is still reeling from the shock.

She said: “I’m quite flattered by it, but I have also been really intrigued to find out more about the artist.”

Lee Hadwin, 41, is a “sleepwalking artist” who cannot draw when he is awake.

The Welsh painter has been sketching and drawing in his sleep since he was four, but says his work became more intricate after reaching his early teens.

He now exhibits his work all over the world and one of his pieces was purchased by US presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

“I told her I had lost my wallet and then she just offered to pay,” he recalled.

“I took her details very quickly and it’s taken me three or four weeks to get back to her. I was slow, but I thought it would be a nice gesture.

“I just felt our country is becoming a hateful place, so it’s nice when you get a kind gesture like this.”



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