Warning to ‘black’ Britons


The featured image is of the British MP & mother of 2 Joanne Cox. She was stabbed and shot by Thomas Mair, also pictured. This happened in England. They were both ‘white’ & English.

For those ‘black’ people who voted to leave the EU, guys like this are running around right now looking for a new victim. And in many of their minds you are not British.

You are the enemy.

They don’t care if you hate foreigners too. They don’t care you were born here. They don’t care how integrated you are or how you speak their language better than them. You chose to be on their side, this is what they want to do to you. Your children.

Think back to when we were in the EU. How much did it really affect us? Not much. Better, it was giving the government a bit of headache and keeping them a bit under control. Now you have given the conservatives freedom. Freedom to thrash the whip on us again. Now Cameron’s stepped down who’s going to take over?

Jeremy Corbyn?

Boris Johnson?

Nigel Farage?

Only time will tell. In the meantime, if you’re realising how we’ve all been hoodwinked do something about it. Sign petitions for a second referendum. Join local activist groups. Get politically organised.

Thomas Mair, UKIP, EDL and the like are getting bolder. Protect yourself by any means necessary.

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