Might it be possible…?

To be clear, I don’t believe that ‘whites’ are literally a non-human species. But it’s intriguing how many do believe it, ‘black’ & ‘white’ alike. Look how seriously these guys take it; you’re not allowed to look at the site without signing a membership contract!!!

Even more surprising is how old this belief is! It’s mentioned in scripture, specifically the Book of Enoch (which only the Ethiopian Orthodox Church as far as I know has canonised). It says because of Noah’s albinism his parents – including the woman who just gave birth to him – questioned if he was really theirs! They even said he looked not like a human but like a child of the fallen angels.

Other websites are absolutely adamant that many ancient American mythological systems refer to ‘white’ gods. Yes, ‘white’ as we understand. Those gods are said to be taller than the average human and originally from outside Earth. However, the only historically verifiable aspect of this is that the first Spaniards to come to the continent were reportedly greeted as gods by the natives. There is little if any proof that they, or anyone else, thought all such gods were ‘white’. Even this report is questionable, since the god the Spanish were supposedly mistaken for (Viracocha) was never stated in indigenous sources to be ‘white’.

In my eyes, he doesn’t look like he’s meant to represent any living human group at all.

Other ‘white’ gods proposed include Quetzalcoatl and Kukulkan. See the assertions here, here and here.

Yep, Quetzalcoatl is the colour of new snow alright.
If they wanna claim that ugly shit, I ain’t stopping them. 

However, according to just about everybody else, the two weren’t humans at all but FEATHERED SNAKES.

Dopotopa.com might be relatively more on point as it discusses a greater variety of gods: Vedic (Hindu), Greco-Roman, Egyptian, Sumerian-Babylonian, Japanese and others. If you go on the link, remember to translate from Russian.

Even if ‘white’ deities were really present in ancient civilisations’ belief systems, what’s that got to do with contemporary ‘whites’? Why are people now claiming ‘whites’ are not of this world?

This is pure speculation, but it may be to do with immigration, fears of overpopulation and extraterrestrial colonisation. For a while they’ve been talking about exploring the heavens and finding other habitable planets ’cause they’re fucking up this one too badly. That way they can continue living the same wasteful anti-ecological capitalist life they do now, and not have to listen to those tree-hugging wussies telling them to clean up the hell they created. To justify this exodus, some of them are trying to claim these other planets are their real homes. They’re not invading other worlds, they’re just going home.


Maybe that’s why alien/ UFO visitations are taken so seriously, so they can edit themselves into ET civilisations on top of ‘black’ people’s?

They’re tryna claim us after we hunted and killed them? 😧

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