Ding dong the witch is reincarnated!!!

So David Cameron stepped down, Boris Johnson admitted he couldn’t hack it and Nigel Farage says he’s done all he came to do in the political realm. Now Theresa May is Prime Minister, handpicked by the MPs not the ordinary people since it’s not official election time yet.

(On a slight tangent, did you know England was never officially a pure democracy but a representative democracy?)

Literally from her first day (13th July 2016) she’s promised to fuck up the country’s inhabitants’ lives. This is before the Brexit movement has even put together a plan for negotiating how to with the EU! France has already made it clear we’ll have no access to the single market if England follows through with its promise to cut immigration. May et al. reckon sheer stubbornness will make them cave in.

A few days ago she said she’s gonna make it harder for non-EU migrants to come to England. Now they must have been earning £35,000+ per year. And given how the Brexit negotiations are going, she hasn’t said that will only apply to new migrants. It could very well apply to those already with UK citizenship too. If so that would seriously fuck shit up for English expats, as other countries would be likely to do the same to them.

Now she’s explicitly stated that she’d deliberately kill innocent people to show our enemies (whoever they are!) we mean business. She’s already being compared to Thatcher, rightly so.

And she’s not been Prime Minister for a fortnight yet. Imagine 4 years of her.

About Brexit, though she was blustering about how it’s definitely happening earlier, Europe has noticed she’s been dragging her heels about it. She refused to trigger Article 50 (the formal  withdrawal process from the EU) immediately despite pressure from other Tories and European leaders. She changed to saying she’d do it by the end of 2016. Now she’s decided it’s not happening before mid-2017. Negotiations with France and Germany, the 2 most hardline countries against England’s wishes*, have partially brought this about. However, it may very well be the case that we’re gonna stay in the EU.

* England wants to keep access to the European single market and “take back control” of its borders. Typical xenophobe dogshit line but anyway. The EU has made it explicitly clear, though, that access to the single market is conditional upon accepting free movement of people. No immigration = no market. 

The English public has already been screwed over either way. If we go ahead with Brexit, the economy will be ravaged on several different levels. If we don’t, the public’s money will have been wasted on a referendum whose results weren’t realised. It really is a case of “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t”.

On top of all that, the referendum results are not binding (because we have no constitution MPs have to agree in writing to abide by it!) and neither is Article 50 (because it still allows nations wishing to leave to change their mind). Even after all this shite it’s very possible we’ll stay in the EU. Wonder if Brexiters still buy that take-back-control bollocks.

One thing that slightly pisses me off is how the EU has refused to deal with the constituent countries of the UK separately. Scottish PM Nicola Sturgeon has been banned from negotiating with the EU even if Scotland were to gain independence! It treats May as if she represents the whole UK, when she really only represents the majority of ENGLISH voters. The majority of Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to stay in the EU. If Brexit happens, they’ll be made to leave with us against their will. Of course Theresa May (along with pretty much every other English ruler since the creation of the UK) refuses to allow them sovereignty to decide their own fates, especially Scotland.

And in all this time no plan for how post-Brexit England will be run has even been drafted.  They’ve had since David Cameron announced the referendum 2 years ago.

Well Brexiters – including the ‘black’ ones – this is what you asked for. Ass-backwards xenophobia throwing a tantrum, voting for policies and leaders whom everyone else knows will fuck us all over. Yet another reason I think England is irredeemably shit.


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