Girl, 8, Shows Up Binmen Who Found It ‘Too Difficult’ To Move Wheelie Bins

Yahoo News, 3 August 2016

This is the hilarious moment a little girl shames a group of burly binmen by easily moving wheelie bins they said were “too difficult” to move themselves.

Andy Hove filmed his eight-year-old daughter Mya Hearn opening the bin cupboard before pulling one out with ease and replacing it with an empty one.

Refuse collectors had earlier told Mr Hove that they could not pull the bun out easily because the design of the cupboard would mean the handles were facing the wrong way.

But Mya switches the bins round with complete ease, opening and closing the cupboard again all in the space of less than one minute.

Mya and her dad have lived down a private drive in Caterham, Surrey, for 11 years and workers have always emptied the cupboard without complaint.

However, a new waste management company have took over Tandridge District Council’s refuse services and said they would not be emptying the bins from the cupboard.

Mr Hove said: “It’s laziness, pure and simple.

“For 11 years everything has been fine but now, after Veolia was replaced by Biffa, they’ve said it’s too difficult for them to move my bins.

“It’s ridiculous – I just want them to put the thing back properly, but they’re refusing because the handles are on the wrong side. It’s a joke.”

Easy: Mya manages to replace the bin that refuse collectors said was “too difficult” (SWNS)

An email from Tandridge District Council, said that the workers refused to swap the bins because the handles faced the wrong way when the bin was put in the cupboard.

But Mr Hove’s video proved how simple the job was.

The council email said it was unsafe to put his bins back with the handles facing backwards.

Blair Drummond – spokesman for Biffa, who now handle the council’s refuse collections – said that council policy states that wheelie bins should be placed at the kerbside for collection with handles facing towards the road.

He added: “As such, the Biffa crew in question was merely following the operational policy laid down.”

Tandridge District Council have been approached for a comment.

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