Poem: Time Revolved

Time has revolved

Turned along at its own speed

To this point:

2,016 years since the birth of Christ,

Hundreds of thousands of years since the birth of humanity,

Billions of years since the birth of existence.

We’re at the gateway of destiny

The gateway’s a revolving door

We can’t go back through

We can only leak through.

That’s why certain themes already seen, certain scenarios already lived

Keep seeping through to new days

Past dies and resurrects itself while future evolves on regardless,

Evolves on regardless,

Evolves on regardless

Not a clash of civilisations, progress is a collision of time with itself

Those who stick with Past will seep through the eons

As vapour, mere drips of what they could be and used to be

While those who flow with Future’s relentless tides

Will froth, boil, flood

Through the barricade between Reality and Unreality

First denounced as impossible

Then tolerated as inevitable

Then praised as commonsensical.

© One Tawny Stranger, August 2016

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