What would you do if…?

Man Twerked On At Gas Station Says He Feared For His Safety, Has Faced Backlash

November 11, 2015

Fox 5

In an interview with a Fox affiliate in D.C., the man who was twerked on and groped while paying for gas at a Shell station spoke out for the first time. But he is keeping his identity a secret because not only is he a teacher but also because he said he has received backlash for calling the police on the two women.

In case you missed the story yesterday, the man said he was getting gas when he was approached and sexually assaulted by two women in heels and tight dresses. One woman can be seen backing up to twerk on him as he waits in line while another reaches for his lower half, gunning for his penis (or his wallet). The man said that during the attack he asked the cashier at the station to do or say something, but all the man could say was “What do you want me to do?” The victim told his friend whom he was talking to on the phone during the attack to call the police since the attendant didn’t try to.

“You don’t know who these people are. I was afraid of my safety. Like I said, I thought they were either transvestites, or women, or men dressed like women.”

He was also afraid because there were men outside whom the victim believed told the women to go after him. The ladies asked for him to go with them to an unidentified place.

“I thought they would have a pimp who was pushing them to be prostitutes who could have been outside with one of the gentlemen that were out there watching and witnessing, could have been with guns to come and shoot me. I did not want to be shot that day.”

When the victim was able to get away from all the groping of his chest, crotch, and butt, he said that the women flashed him as he pumped his gas and continued to follow him to his car as police were called.

The victim said that he was upset by the criticism he received online for calling the police and said that had the tables been turned and he treated a woman in the same manner, he would be in someone’s jail cell right now.

“If I had done that I would have been arrested and thrown to the ground. Probably 20 years in prison. No out. Women, these being women, I’m thinking they were not women. I’m thinking they were men dressed as women because they had strength like men. They didn’t have strength like the average woman. It is a double standard.”

As for those two women, one of them was apprehended yesterday. Las Vegas resident Ayanna Marie Knight, 22, has been charged with third-degree sex abuse. Her partner in twerking crime has not been caught as of yet.

2 thoughts on “What would you do if…?”

  1. I remember seeing this on the news. I would’ve just pushed them off of me. He must’ve liked it or he would’ve stopped them.lol Be sure to check out my award show on my latest post. I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of some of the categories.lol I just had some fun with it. I also gave you a very deserving nomination. I appreciate your insightful posts. Peace.


  2. If he enjoyed it he wouldn’t be complaining about it on the news and actually stepping away from them. Remember he was on the phone so he would’ve been trying to stay in his conversation. Plus he’s fairly hench so if he’d pushed them away he might’ve been accused of harassment. There’s a lot of factors at play in incidents like this.

    Thanks for the nomination! I’m a little confused what’s happening. I’m not seeing any of your posts anymore, just a blank home page.


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