The 7 Personality Types summarised – Questionnaire

This is the 6th and final part of The 7 Personality Types summarised. Here I’ll be presenting Puttick’s questionnaire verbatim. It was devised by Elizabeth Puttick herself, with inspiration from various sources she lists in the book. As such I claim no ownership in whole or in part of this questionnaire (plagiarism allegations out of the way. Whew!)



  • Tick all the statements you agree with (not necessarily 100% but clearly more yes than no)
  • Don’t take too much time to analyse each statement, but go by your gut feeling as to which resonate the most for you
  • And the end, add up your ticks and check the results on the bottom of the post.


Group 1

  1. Everything that happens to me can become a funny story and I find humour in almost everything.
  2. I enjoy telling stories to an attentive audience.
  3. People said that I was naturally funny even when I was a child.
  4. My social life is a high priority and I have a large circle of friends.
  5. I prefer to avoid confrontation and usually tell a joke to defuse the situation.
  6. People sometimes tell me I talk too much.
  7. I sometimes feel like a performer in the drama of my own life and wonder where the real me is.
  8. I have a talent for using language creatively and coining new words.
  9. If asked to make an impromptu speech, I could easily rise to the occasion.
  10. I seek and value wisdom as the highest attainment.
  11. I never let a fact get in the way of a good story.
  12. I enjoy watching chat shows and quizzes on television, sometimes against my better judgement.
  13. When I’m on form, I’m the life and soul of a party.
  14. I like to wear interesting clothes and bright colours to stand out in the crowd.
  15. I would enjoy  performing in a play and have considered an acting career.

Group 2

  1. I love to help people in any way that makes it possible for them to get along in life.
  2. At work, I’m the person who takes care of the bits that others avoid but that are important.
  3. I’m willing to clear up other people’s mess, as long as they thank me for it.
  4. I really dislike losing control of a situation.
  5. Generally, I prefer working behind the scenes than being in front runner.
  6. If someone drops their change, I don’t hesitate to help them pick up their coins.
  7. I enjoy making people feel at ease and comfortable in any way I can.
  8. My friends say they find me caring and inspiring.
  9. I usually put the needs of other people before my own.
  10. My local community is very impotant to me and I give time and energy to support it.
  11. I’m practical, competent and thorough at administration.
  12. Sometimes people take my help and support for granted.
  13. I enjoy having guests to stay and work hard to make them feel welcome.
  14. I prefer working for someone who has a positive vision which I can share and support.
  15. If volunteers are needed for a job, I’m the first to put my hand up.

Group 3

  1. I enjoy analysing and developing complex ideas.
  2. I can usually see both points of view in an argument, so I find it hard to take sides.
  3. I have an insatiable curiosity about life and love to explore its possibilities.
  4. People often pick my brain and I can almost always answer their questions.
  5. I prefer to think things through and do extensive research before making a decision.
  6. My home is full of books, including a big pile on my bedside table.
  7. I tend to feel a bit distant from people and don’t express my feelings easily.
  8. I believe that analysing my experiences is the best way to understand them.
  9. I enjoy collecting and can spend many hours adding to and enjoying the results.
  10. Often I’d rather stay at home with a good book than go to a party.
  11. I prefer to blend into a crowd and observe rather than be the centre of attention.
  12. I avoid confrontation where possible and prefer to withdraw from conflict.
  13. I can happily spend hours surfing the internet and following interesting links.
  14. I am at ease with solitary intellectual labour and prefer to work alone.
  15. I am fascinated by the past and would make a good historian.

Group 4

  1. In our family, I’m the one who leads and makes the important decisions.
  2. I’m a perfectionist with very high standards.
  3. I can often see a way to expand and improve a project far beyond the original concept.
  4. I expect people who work with me to share my high standards of capability and integrity.
  5. People often put me in a leadership position, even when I’m not looking for it.
  6. I strive for mastery in whatever I’m doing and usually achieve it.
  7. Mt dignity is very important to me and anyone who offends it will feel my displeasure.
  8. I have a natural authority which most people recognise and respect.
  9. Mostly I can’t be bothered with small talk and want to get straight down to business.
  10. I have often had significant difficulties with intimate and one-to-one relationships.
  11. I’m attracted to organisations with problems rather than those that are working well.
  12. I’m good at seeing the bigger picture, but like to keep an eye on important details.
  13. Sometimes I feel too big forceful, like a bull in a china shop.
  14. When I don’t get my way or others fail to perform well, I can fly into a terrible temper.
  15. The buck stops with me.

Group 5

  1. I enjoy creative work and play and people tell me I’m creative.
  2. I pick up on atmospheres and moods as soon as I walk into a room.
  3. I enjoy clothes and adapting fashion to my own personal style.
  4. When I move house, I’d rather take on an old wreck that I can do up the way I want than a place that’s decorated to someone else’s taste.
  5. My personality is fluid, changing with different people and situations.
  6. I’m good with me hands and find it easy to make or repair things.
  7. People sometimes criticise me for being dreamy or distracted.
  8. I have lots of exciting projects in the works, but many of them never get finished.
  9. I find it hard to make up my mind and often change it.
  10. I love to find old things and reshape them for a new use.
  11. I need lots of space for spontaneity and hate being boxed in by routine.
  12. I sometimes buzz excitedly with new ideas, almost beyond my capacity to express them all.
  13. I love to have my creations or style admired and feel disappointed when they aren’t.
  14. I strongly dislike explaining myself even if I’m misunderstood.
  15. I enjoy making beauty and harmony out of chaos.

Group 6

  1. I get great joy from helping people to grow and become more of who they can be.
  2. People often unburden their problems to me, treating me like a counsellor or confessor.
  3. People tell me they feel better just being with me or talking to me.
  4. I am often filled with compassion for suffering humanity and want to take care of everyone.
  5. I admire famous figures who have been of great service and inspiration to many.
  6. I feel as direct connection with a higher power or being.
  7. People sometimes complain that I’m too preachy or probing.
  8. To be happy in my work, I need to feel a strong sense of dedication.
  9. Other people tell me that I’m charismatic and/or inspirational.
  10. Sometimes people seem threatened by me for reasons I don’t understand.
  11. I often get intuitions or inner guidance.
  12. When I meet someone I tend to move quickly from small talk to soul-to-soul communication.
  13. I love ceremonial events and feel at home in spiritual places.
  14. I’m a free spirit and don’t react well when people try to control me.
  15. I have a mission to help make the world a better place.

Group 7

  1. I respond positively to challenges and usually feel I can overcome them.
  2. I’m very hardworking and will keep going ’til the job’s done.
  3. I’m not afraid of confrontation and have a good instinct for when to fight, when to withdraw.
  4. I like to have an action plan for a project, but don’t want to get bogged down in analysis.
  5. I try to fix people’s problems and lives, and often rush to defend the underdog.
  6. I’m an open and straightforward person – what you see is what you get.
  7. I can be very persuasive and get people to do things when required.
  8. When the going gets tough, I can keep going better than most people.
  9. I’m entrepreneurial and efficient, and would be good at running my own business.
  10. Loyalty is among my highest values and I expect others to share it.
  11. I’m sometimes told I see the world too much in black and white.
  12. I react strongly to people who criticise me and feel that I must challenge them.
  13. If I hear someone say, “It’s time to take action!” my heart leaps a little and I think, “Yes that’s it!”
  14. People sometimes find me bossy when I’m trying to keep things moving.
  15. I have a clear sense of ‘chains of command’ and know where I stand in the pecking order.












Group 1 = Sage

Group 2 = Server

Group 3 = Scholar

Group 4 = King

Group 5 = Artisan

Group 6 = Priest

Group 7 = Warrior


How to interpret your results:

Ideally, you should get a high score for two groups, which are your primary and secondary roles. Which way round they are will become clearer once you read the previous posts. If this is the case, then read the corresponding posts to confirm your results.

Some people get less clear results. Your results can be skewed by various factors, including:

Family and social conditioning – For example, if you were born into a highly educated or academic family, you will be conditioned into appearing like a scholar. In an artistic or bohemian family, everyone will have an artisan or sage flavour. More generally, in some societies women are expected to behave as servers or artisans and men as warriors or kings. However, these are social functions which may not necessarily be your own true role.

Work or profession – If your job corresponds to one of these personality archetypes, it will seem like your role but may not be. For example, the business world is dominated by warriors and kings, while the public sector promotes a server ethos and the arts & media express sage & artisan values. These influences often override your natural personality.

Your own self-image – Many people have an idealised self-image which can obscure their true selves. It’s easy to tick or reject statements on this basis, so it’s important to be as objective, self-aware and honest as possible in your assessment.

If your results are unclear, don’t worry. Simply read all the previous posts and you will probably recognise yourself in the role you most identify with.

Have fun identifying your own roles and developing them to better the lives of yourselves and everyone around you!

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