An instance of racial revenge from European mythology

An unplanned continuation of my posts Mythological Origins of European Racism & Historical Origins of European Racism. Inspired by Kushite Prince’s The Origin of Santa Claus (Satan Claws)

Maybe ‘white’ people aren’t so ignorant of the origins of their racism after all. From Kushite Prince I learned about a character called Krampus, considered to be a companion of Santa Claus in many east European & north Italian mythology. However, his role is the opposite: instead of giving gifts to good children, he punishes bad children. His origins seem to be part pre-Christian pagan myth, part historically based.

The historical basis correlates with the Moors, the predominantly Muslim conquerors of Europe from the 7th-15th centuries, predominantly from north & northwest Africa.






At least in more traditional depictions, Krampus would kidnap children by stuffing them into bags and taking them away somewhere. Some sources specify Spain, where the Moors first landed and ruled in Europe. Not to mention Moors enslaved Europeans by the bucketful, first kidnapping them and taking them back to their homelands.

Krampus is usually depicted as brown or black, exactly like the Moors, and carries chains. Though Christian depictions say these chains are a symbol of the devil being chained by the forces of good, it’s a bit illogical that someone in chains would be walking around freely. More likely he was carrying them to chain up other people, to take them away as slaves.

Like so.

The horns, hooves, tail, and birch branches (which he beats kids with) seem to be the pagan myth side of his origins. Why specifically birch branches? No clue. I’m guessing birch trees have a special significance in European pagan cultures?


And the long curling tongue? No idea. Could be for dramatic emphasis on his predatory nature.

 Could be based on reality too. Who knows?

It’s also interesting that sometimes Black Pete (another companion of Santa in some European countries) does some of the same stuff as Krampus. And he’s explicitly defined as ‘black’, also like Moors. From these it’s likely that the historical side of Krampus is an ongoing memory of ‘white’ enslavement by Moors. Now they’ve been immortalised in European cultural memory through characters like Krampus, as a warning to children against being naughty.

In Historical Origins of European Racism I postulated that ‘white’ racism is a self-defence mechanism. I realise this may imply to ‘black’ people that we had slavery coming to us, we were getting our just desserts. I do not in any way want to imply that, especially since it was done predominantly to west & central Africans who had nothing to do with the Moors’ carry-on (not that ‘whites’ would’ve been able to tell them apart, or cared even if they could). While this post does not conclusively prove the assertion by a long shot, it’s at least worthwhile to consider as an evidence, or else as another useful tidbit of information.

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