Philosophical Musings part 6

Apologies to my readers for taking so long to create this post. I have had to take time out to re-evaluate and make massive changes in my life. Due to that I will only be able to post once a month at most. Nevertheless please continue to read, like & comment. 

Something came to mind recently, after speaking to yet another muslim about my irtidad (apostasy). He was explaining how he tries to live as a good person and Islam helps with that but it doesn’t require complete strictness. I called bullshit; Islam is all about strictness and living rigidly by the rules. He admitted that he doesn’t follow it as much as I used to nor read the Qur’an as much as I did (remember I read the whole thing from cover to cover in Arabic & English, and was memorising it in my teens), then he gave a hypothetical scenario of other muslims who take it “too seriously”. Marrying more women without the first wife’s permission, adhering to the complete dress code (yes hijab applies to men AND women), reciting Qur’an and Ahadiyth all day long, seeing Arabic as God’s favourite language, etc. I know those types.


Then he claimed I was following a different type of Islam to him (no shit Sherlock!) and I’d been too strict, even to the point of being a fundamentalist. Couldn’t disagree with that, and that is exactly what the diyn requires – as do all the Abrahamic faiths.

But a question came to mind and stuck there for a while. Most muslims, the “moderate” & “liberal” ones, feel that Islam is good but can be taken to unhealthy levels and disrupt one’s mental balance. Huh?!? As a muslim I saw Islam itself as the balance (the Qur’an agrees with that; check out this exegesis) and any deviation therefrom was lack of balance! And I’m seeing this thinking among Christians more & more, that religion can be taken too seriously but its fundamental purpose is to encourage us to be good. Which begs the questions:

  • Why should it be taken at all?
  • If it’s meant to make us good people, how is it possible for religionists to do evil things in the name of their faith?
  • Why do religions disagree on what constitutes a good person? (e.g. as far as I’ve seen the Satanic bible is the only “holy” book that explicitly forbids rape)

In short:


I’m throwing this one out to you the readers. Let me know what you think in the comments box.




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