A snippet of life in England’s quarter-assed attempt to curb covid-19

Well well well. It’s happening, pretty much as I expected. Coronavirus is culling the UK population, and not only have we been lied to about how many deaths there have been (until just this Monday, 30/3/2020, they were ONLY counting deaths in hospitals), there have been no announcements or news on cures. Even though there are effective medications available, which Cuba & China have already been using. Not only that, Cuba & China have been sending aid & doctors around the world to help curb the spread.

covid19 drug treatments
And others here

Have we seen hide or hair of them?



Not sure, but Trump outright turned them away from USA, so maybe our hobo-looking whigger of a prime minister did the same.

Yes I did just make a racist comment about Boris Johnson. Moving on.

Meanwhile people are getting arrested and/or fined by police for not having a “reasonable excuse” for being outdoors. Fair enough many Brits are up their own bumholes and think our government/ NHS will be enough to stop it (even though personal protective equipment is being rationed out among NHS staff therefore putting them at unnecessary risk), but ultimately what good will just staying indoors do? What of those who live in shared accommodation? What of those with large families? What of those who didn’t/ couldn’t panic buy?

(For the record, I did panic buy before the lockdown and was not the slightest bit ashamed of it. Not because I was actually panicking, but because so many were doing it already I surmised it was the most sensible thing to do in case of a lockdown. As for those who were calling the panic buyers selfish & paranoid and all the rest, well they were right after all)

We have soldiers delivering food to people’s doors yet no doctors or aid workers delivering medicines. What the raas? And if police have been given powers to arrest/ fine people, what powers will the army be given…?

Not to mention we have dumb pieces of shit walking around deliberately spreading the virus. Back in January I was told of a guy in hospital where they confirmed he had it, then he just discharged himself and went to a night club – untreated. This Monday I went shopping, and the amount of people going around without masks & gloves was unreal. Why? Because there’d been a Whatsapp message circulating on Sunday, apparently from NHS, saying we’re entering the worst period, and somehow those dopey fucks interpreted that as the worst period meant only Sunday not any day thereafter. And – get this – there are still a few who reckon it’s only as bad as the common cold or flu so they’re doing jack shit to prevent themselves getting it.

And once again, just like in pre-Moorish days Brits are piss-poor on hygiene. People coughing out in the open onto any person or object nearby. Unfortunately now it seems a number of Asians & Africans are backing up that habit.

With wastes of space like them, it’s no wonder as of today (1/4/2020) the UK death toll jumped by 563, bringing the total deaths to 2352.

Throughout this time we’ve had our hobo-looking whigger of a prime minister claiming to be heading a “wartime government” to beat the “enemy.” What fucking enemy? What fucking wartime? It’s a disease. You don’t wage war on disease, you prevent and cure it! Or is he using this time as an excuse to implement pro-conservative policies and dismantle our civil liberties under the pretext of “protecting” us? How about he practises what he preaches first in terms of social distancing?

In case anyone’s wondering why at the beginning I said I expected something like this to happen, it’s a sign of the times. Epidemics & diseases have been one feature of the approach of a civilisation’s end since large-scale civilisations began. See Ronald Wright’s A Short History of Progress and similar works. Unfortunately I would’ve liked to have been living in Africa well before this but money.

Check out the number of cases and deaths so far on this link: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries

Updates forthcoming. If I’m still alive.

Yes, if.

2 thoughts on “A snippet of life in England’s quarter-assed attempt to curb covid-19”

  1. Great post. Kinda sums up the insanity I guess. I love The History of Progress, by the way. And your photo of Boris is priceless. How’s he doing with own case of COVID-19? We don’t hear any updates about his health, for some reason.


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